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Are you looking to get Adult Music Lessons for yourself or as a gift to someone you know? We cater to people of all ages and abilities from all around the world! Whether you are a student undertaking your first music lesson or have had previous lessons, we can help! We have thousands of pupils each week learning with our expert music tutors either live online or at one of our 4 music centres in Birmingham and the Black Country in the West Midlands UK.  We teach adults with all abilities and aim to provide you with a skill that you can carry with you for the rest of your life. Playing a musical instrument or learning to sing not only provides you with added confidence but a base for a career if you wish to take your music to the next level. 

Adult Music Lesson Testimonials

“I get taught by Amara for vocals and she absolutely amazing would recommend if you wanna improve your vocals, she’s very professional and very easy to talk to. She also has made me come out of my shell and my confidence has shot through the roof”

Jasmine Gill

“As an adult learner who used to play Violin as a child, I found Gemma to be an excellent teacher who understands my aspiration, current skills and potential. She plays the violin like I have never heard before – very lively and soothing. She also teaches cello and piano and what impressed me is the piano accompaniment she does with me when I play any violin piece. She assessed me as playing at grade 3 (Trinity School Music) and I am going to put everything I learned into practice every day. Thank you so much”


“I have piano lessons online with Robbie. I have daytime lessons which works great for me being at home caring for my children. I am really enjoying having some ‘me time’ and learning a new skill at a time and place that suits me and with a fab teacher”

Beth Mason

I’ve been having guitar lessons with Dave since May last year. Despite being old and having young kids which somewhat reduces the time available to practice I’m enjoying it immensely and Dave is a superb and patient tutor.
I’ve also done a free zoom tutorial with Tom which involved lots of warm up techniques and was also very useful. Definitely recommend these guys!

Derek Findleton


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Adult Music Lessons Dudley


With so many instruments to choose from, it can be hard to find the right one for you. One factor we promote at Pro Music Tuition is to be open-minded when choosing your instrument. This should take time and think as well as be based on the type of music you are interested in, as some instruments are more suitable for some types of music than others. For example, if you enjoy upbeat music then the steel pan drum may be your instrument of choice.

However, please note this is just a guideline and you are free to choose whatever instrument you like! Whatever your age we can train you for exams. We work with several different syllabuses, including ABRSMTrinity and Rockschool. If you have previously learned pieces for an exam elsewhere we can provide the exam for you (excluding ABRSM).


Do I need an instrument ?

No we can provide everything for the lessons and also resources for learning with too.

What are the benefits of adult music lessons ?

Benefits of Adult Music lessons

– Research shows playing a musical instrument uses virtually every part of the brain, increasing the production of grey matter and strengthening connections between separate parts of the brain. Adult Music lessons, therefore, give you a significant increase in your attention, memory, language, problem-solving, and speech, helping the brain stay healthy.
– Dopamine the feel-good chemical is released while playing a musical instrument, boosting your mental health as a way of escapism. Adult music lessons will help with reducing life’s anxiety’s, and depression, and decrease stress. The sense of achievement from learning something new will have you positively beaming with pride with your mood lifted.
– Music lessons and playing a musical instrument can unlock people higher to openness, enabling you to feel the music more deeply. After studies those who engage in the music while playing or listening have shown heart disease patients to have a reduced heart rate, blood pressure, and anxiety, suggesting extra emotional power.
– Learning to play a musical instrument as an adult teaches us patience, determination, discipline, and perseverance. Learning how to play a musical instrument in adulthood as with any new talent never comes easy. So to follow it through with practice within our already busy lives teaches us new levels of discipline and patience which we will carry to other areas within our lives as a form of personal growth.
The first music lesson is really free ?

Yes we extend this so pupils can try a taster in each instrument too.

Will I learn to read music?

Yes, music theory is included in all lessons. We teach our pupils, note values, how to read music, scales and how to approach sight-reading. This is important in knowing how to practice effectively. Tutors will also demonstrate what websites to use to brush up and improve on your music theory reading. With electric guitar it would be TAB, with classical guitar it would be treble clef reading. We have over 900 pupils per week attend our premises. We start adults from novices or can take over from other existing teachers/ music schools. We can start gradings or leisure play, Pro Music is very flexible with the times. We have many slots to suit adults who work shiftwork/home or even 9-to-5.

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I already play another instrument, will this help?

Yes, it will definitely help. A second instrument is always welcomed here at Pro Music some people even take 2 to 3 instruments per week. We can also discount when pupils want to take another instrument. If you are unsure what other instrument may interest you, let us know and we will help you explore your musical tastes.

For example, playing the piano and then learning steel pans would be an easy transition. Same with electric guitar to bass guitar.

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Can I learn to play an instrument within a band setting ?

Yes we offer band nights for children and adults – please email Pro Music for next dates.

What happens if I can’t attend a lesson?

No problem, just let Pro Music know by email or phone at 01215593355 and we will reschedule the session. All we ask is that you give Pro Music 24hrs notice so we offer your slot to someone else.

Do you offer Adult Music Lessons near me?

Yes, not only do we have 4 music centres in Birmingham, Solihull and the Black Country (Cradley Heath, Rowley Regis, Solihull and Sutton Coldfield) we also offer live online lessons to hundreds of students all over the world every week.

We understand that looking for local music teachers can sometimes be a challenge but with Pro Music Limited rest is assured! All of our tutors are DBS checked and the majority hold a degree in music, and some also hold a QTS in education.

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Am I too old to for music lessons?

Learning a new skill as an adult is a great way to keep the mind active and young; studies have shown that it can even prevent cognitive decline as we age. Neuroplasticity allows your brain to create new pathways and neurons at any age. So while it’s true that children and young adults will pick up new skills faster, adults of any age can enjoy the multiple benefits of learning an instrument.

Is practising for 1 hour a day enough?

Many adult amateurs are extremely busy individuals who struggle to find even 15 minutes daily to practise! But to advance at a satisfying pace and get the most out of their piano study, an adult amateur student can ideally dedicate at least an hour a day to practising.

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Adult Music Lesson Locations

We have six music centres across Birmingham, the Black Country and the West Midlands, which are easy to reach via public transport or car. We have students travel from all surrounding areas including Acocks Green, Bartley Green, Bearwood, Birmingham, Black CountryBoldmere, Brierley Hill, Castle Bromwich, Clent, Cradley Heath, Dudley Edgbaston, Four Oaks, Hagley, Halesowen, Harborne, Kings NortonKingswinfordLittle Sutton, Longbridge, Lye, Mere Green, Netherton, Northfield, Oldbury, Olton, Quarry Bank, Quinton, Romsley, Rowley Regis, Rubery, Sandwell, Smethwick, Solihull, and Sutton Coldfield. We also have many students from all over the country who take part in our online music lessons.

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