Why do music lessons suffer at school?

Group Tuition (Steel Pans)

The most common phone conversation we have with parents is ‘we have stopped our child’s music lessons due to..’ Sometimes the reasons are straightforward and on other occasions, it’ll take a bit of sussing out to understand what exactly has happened. 5 big issues with school tuition. 1. You always pay more. 2. Pupils miss…

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Beginners piano lessons.

Man Playing Drums

looking for music lessons? Do we take on novice/beginner students? Pro Music offers music lessons in Piano, Drums, Guitar, Bass, Singing, Violin, Steel Pans and Woodwind from age 5 to adult. While you are here looking and researching for the best school for you, please think of the benefits of becoming a Pro Music student and…

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How to play guitar.

Child Playing Electric Guitar

You can make learning the guitar as easy or as hard as you want. Sure, there are courses that suggest we can achieve a reasonable standard in one week however it depends what you hope to achieve from the guitar. Playing guitar chords is sometimes one of the most frustrating elements of playing the guitar. Here…

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Beginner guitar lessons happening in Sandwell and Halesowen.

Piano Tuition

‘Learning an instrument is something which takes times but once the pupil sees the improvement then we notice pupils confidence grow’ For the last 18 years, founder Tom Franklin has developed a reputation for delivering high-quality music lessons to students from Halesowen areas and beyond. The opening of the school’s second location marks the first…

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We charge less, so you can learn more…

5 Out of 5 Stars

In today’s market of music, money plays an important part in what children should take up and learn in terms of which instrument.  The Instrument shouldn’t really play a part in the finances however sadly it does. Pro Music travels to 100s of children in schools per week and gives tuition to over 1000  at…

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We all started from somewhere…

Certificate of Excellent

“We grew from humble beginnings… As a child, I was forever playing music and various instruments in my parent’s garage. I remember the neighbour’s children knocking on the garage door for lessons and I’ll never forget that buzz of hearing them play something I’d taught them… That’s where Pro Music began… Eventually, I moved out…

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Practice makes perfect!

Music Tuition in Halesowen

#Motivation….. We’re sure you’ve all heard this saying: … Is that correct?! 🤷‍♀️ Kind of!…. … Actually, PERFECT practice makes perfect!…. Bringing talent to the surface of any individual requires hours of FOCUSED practice until it becomes ingrained and second nature. Habits are formed from the way we practise, and without the proper focus in the…

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Music Success at Pro Music Tuition Limited

One to One Guitar Lesson

  Firstly, I really hope you like our new artwork around the music school. One of our pupil’s parent has given us a hand, with designing instruments.  It looks greats and the place doesn’t look so bare now when you enter Pro Music. Secondly, exams are all over now and we are now taking entries for…

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Sandwell Guitar Lessons

Music lessons in Sandwell are now available. We have lessons from mid-day to late night sesssions 8pm-10pm . Novice players are always welcome with a free lesson. We are only 2 miles from Halesowen, Cradley and Merry Hill. Please Call us for more information 01215593355

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