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Drum Lessons Netherton

Learn to Play the Drums with Pro Drum Tutors near Netherton

Drum Lessons Netherton

Are you looking for expert drum lessons near Netherton? Pro Music Tuition offers drum lessons at six music centres in Rubery, Sutton Coldfield, Solihull in Birmingham, Rowley Regis, and Cradley Heath (Sandwell and Dudley) in the Black Country. 

We also offer online live drum lessons, which have proven to be very popular with students around the world.

The drums are a fantastic instrument to learn, no matter your age or skill level. Not only does drumming provide immediate enjoyment, but it also serves as a stress reliever, promotes physical fitness, and contributes to the cultivation of self-confidence. Whether pursued independently or within a group setting, mastering the drums unfolds as a gratifying and enriching journey.

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One to One Drum Tuition near Netherton

One-to-one drum lessons are ideal if you are looking to work towards achieving grades or if you feel you’d benefit from a lesson more personally tailored to you. You can expect to learn to read drum notation and practice exercises that allow you to see a meaningful progression in your skills each week, whilst also learning to play the pieces that you enjoy.

Learning drums on a one-on-one basis is also ideal for adults or children with special educational needs or those who are less confident as part of a group. We offer both 30 and 60-minute sessions.

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Kids Drum Lessons near Netherton

Children’s drum lessons offer a dynamic and engaging introduction to the world of music, providing youngsters with a rhythmic foundation that sparks both creativity and discipline. Tailored specifically to accommodate their developmental needs, these lessons foster a love for percussion while enhancing motor skills and coordination. Through interactive and age-appropriate activities, young drummers not only learn the basics of rhythm and timing but also develop a strong sense of musical expression.

Our Instructors create a supportive environment that encourages self-expression, teamwork, and a lifelong appreciation for the joy of drumming. Children’s drum lessons, designed to be both educational and enjoyable, lay the groundwork for a musical journey that can last a lifetime.

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Drum Tuition for Kids near Netherton
Childrens Drum Lessons near Netherton
Kids Drum Lessons near Netherton

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Adult Drum Lessons near Netherton

Pro Music offers exceptional adult drum lessons designed to cater to the unique needs and preferences of mature learners. Our expert instructors are committed to creating a supportive and engaging environment that fosters both skill development and a genuine passion for drumming.

Whether you’re a beginner looking to embark on a rhythmic journey or an experienced drummer aiming to refine your technique, our tailored lessons are crafted to meet your individual goals. With a focus on flexibility and personalised instruction, Pro Music ensures that adult students not only acquire proficiency in drumming but also experience the joy and satisfaction that comes with mastering this dynamic instrument. Join us at Pro Music for enriching and fun lessons tailored specifically for adult learners.

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Netherton Adult Drum Lessons
Adult Drum Tuition near Netherton
Adult Drum Lessons near Netherton

Group Drum Lessons near Netherton

Our group drum tuition sessions last 60 minutes and take place on both weekdays and weekends and with only four drum kits in a room, you can be sure of still receiving a personal and bespoke experience. We firmly believe learning should be fun and as with all our teaching, we want you to enjoy what you are learning. Playing drums in a group can be a great way to build self-confidence and a good way to fast-track learning techniques, whilst still learning notation and completing practice exercises.

 If you are looking for group drum lessons near Netherton why not call us on 0121 559 3355 or use our handy online booking system? 

Netherton Group Drum Lessons
Group Drum Lessons near Netherton
Group Drum Lessons

Online Drum Lessons

We also offer drum lessons online over Skype, Zoom, WhatsApp or Facebook for times when it may be difficult to make it to the practice studio, and we ensure that you still receive the same high standard of tuition over video. Students learning online can expect to progress just as quickly as meeting face to face and we can arrange lesson times to fit around you and your family’s schedule.

Drum Lessons Near Me?

Not only does learning online eliminate travel time and the need to pack and move your instruments it also allows for a wider range of scheduling options so we can find a time that works for you. If you are looking to book drum lessons for you or your child why not get in touch with us today or use our handy online booking system to book your first free lesson?

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Why should we choose Pro Music for Drum Lessons?

Pro Music has many fully equipped drum teaching rooms over all the sites, most rooms have 2 drum kits to allow face-to-face learning with your teacher and we even have a few rooms with 3 drum kits to allow group drum lessons.

We have a proven track record of offering inclusive, high quality and professional music tuition. All of our teachers are DBS checked and trained to grade 8 or degree level and many teachers are also trained, as school teachers.
Pro Music has an onsite SEN coordinator which does allow our teachers to adapt music lessons for children and adults with special educational needs where it is required.

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What is the best age for Children to start learning drums?

Children typically start when they are 5 years old, and we have smaller drum kits so that there is nothing holding them back once they do start.
Take a look at our article called IS MY CHILD READY TO PLAY THE DRUMS? which can be found on our blog. Why not come along for a free taster session and our teachers will be able to evaluate if your child is ready to play when they see them in action?

How can I help my child to progress more quickly in their drum lessons?
As with all school subjects, homework will need to be carried out to support what the drum teacher has taught in lessons. We would advise that 15-20 minutes of practice a day is more than enough to help your child progress. It would be a good idea to make a practice plan and do a mixture of drum technique practice and letting your child learn to play a song they enjoy. As your child improves it will encourage them to push themselves further.
Do you teach adults to play Drums?

At Pro Music, we think that beginning to play the drums is accessible to people of any age. Adults are more than welcome to join us in learning how to play the drums. Every week, our locations see the attendance of hundreds of adults. Many people have the feeling that now is the right time to pursue something they have always wanted to do and have always wanted to study. It is not impossible to accomplish what you set out to do if you have the drive to do so and the time to put it into practice.

We also have adults who like to start learning with their children as it is an activity they can enjoy together. Many parents become inspired by their own children learning an instrument that they get involved too and eventually start having lessons. Before they know it, what was an activity for their child becomes something that now connects the family even more, as it gives parent and child a joint interest. There is no greater buzz for us at Pro Music to see how music brings people together.

How many drum classes would you recommend in a week?
For children we recommend that a single 30-minute drum lesson per week should be adequate. This is particularly relevant for children or individuals with special educational needs. The duration of a lesson can occasionally challenge their ability to maintain focus. However, it’s important to emphasize that consistent practice at home is essential for reinforcing the knowledge and skills acquired during the lesson. These practice sessions at home need not be as lengthy as the actual lessons.
I am an absolute beginner, what do I need before my first drum lesson?

We have all the equipment you will need for lessons, so you need to just bring yourself or your child along for those. Our teachers will be able to give you or your child tips and techniques so that practice can be carried out at home.

When you feel you are ready to buy a drum kit take a look at our blog post CHOOSING YOUR FIRST DRUM KIT or speak to your teacher for advice.
What should I expect from a beginner drum lesson?
For complete beginners, you may learn to build a steady beat awareness, begin developing good hand technique, and possibly learn a fundamental drum beat.
Your drum tutor will most likely go around the drum kit and make sure you’re comfortable with all the different drums and cymbals, teaching you their names, sounds, and applications.
You’ll go over how to use the pedals properly, as well as a few various foot methods. Multiple foot techniques, like the sticks, can be employed in conjunction or alone, depending on the situation.
Do You Teach Drum Theory?
Whether you are just learning for fun or following a syllabus to pass your grade exams you will be taught a combination of music theory and practical techniques, all pupils will be taught how to read drum music correctly, even children as young as 5 years old will be taught the same way this is great at supporting children’s cognition which will lead to improved academic performance.

What Sort Of Drum Theory Do You Teach?

Whatever age and whether learning through group or individual tuition we offer to train pupils for exams. Working towards a goal like this can help teach children to focus and the sense of achievement when passing grades is always a thrill. We work with several different syllabuses, including Trinity, and Rockschool.
What are the best books for helping me with my drum tuition?

We advise Trinity and Rockschool grade books as these are the most popular syllabuses to follow, we also have some of these books available in the school, and our teachers will discuss your options so you can choose a syllabus that suits you best. At Pro Music, we double as Rock School and Trinity examination centre so there is no need to worry about where you will need to travel to for your music exams.

How long does it take to learn the drums?

The time it takes to learn drums varies widely based on natural aptitude, practice consistency, and musical background. Generally, primary rhythms and beats can be grasped in a few weeks to a few months of regular practice. Proficiency in more complex patterns and styles might take a couple of years. However, mastery is an ongoing journey that depends on dedication and continuous learning. Patience and consistent practice are crucial to becoming a skilled drummer, regardless of the timeframe.

Top tip: The sooner you start, the sooner you can play. Nothing is gained by putting off your dreams.

Rock Out With Drum Lessons near Netherton

What do you recommend for people who don't currently have a drum kit at home?
Buying a drum kit is a big commitment and you should only buy one when you or your child is absolutely ready, because of this many of our students don’t have a drum kit at home. Our teachers know all the tricks in the trade so will have no problem showing you what you can do to practice at home without a drum kit, then when you do have your own kit your teacher can change up your home practice.
Do you offer Drum Lessons Near Me?

We have pupils visit our Black Country music centres from many locations in and around Rowley Regis, including Brierley Hill, Cradley Heath, Dudley, Halesowen, Kingswinford, Oldbury, Quarry Bank, Smethwick, Stourbridge and Tipton

We understand that looking for local music teachers can sometimes be a challenge but with Pro Music Limited rest is assured! All of our tutors are DBS checked and the majority hold a degree in music, and some also hold a QTS in education.

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Drum Tuition Testimonials

"WOW! My son is 10, has absolutely no history of any playing any musical instrument and in 6 months he's confidently playing we will rock you on the drums. I am not musical in the slightest so you'll have to excuse my lack of knowledge around technical terms but my son is already understanding what different drums/snares to play following Bobby's instructions well. Bobby is a fantastic teacher, he is very patient and supportive. I love how Bobby always picks his moral up when he misses a beat, shares how proud of him he is and is genuinely interested in his development. I can't praise this company enough. If you are considering enrolling your child here, don't hesitate you will not be disappointed. Thank you Bobby! - Laura Taylor

"My son comes here for drum lessons and my daughter for piano. Tom was very helpful in accommodating my request to find me tutors at the same time for both instruments. Andy is a great drum teacher and Marie thought my daughter to start reading music in two weeks, she's a great piano teacher who continues to challenge my daughter to learn more each week. It's a bit of a drive but worth the journey each week. Thank you." Marian Amy

"My son started drum lessons here with Dhana just before Christmas. We were a bit unsure at first if it would be worth it as my son has ADHD and really struggles to concentrate but from the very first lesson Dhana showed fantastic patience and understanding. He works at my sons pace calmly and never overloads him with too much information at a time which means my son has now started playing rhythms and reading the music from a book. I really couldn't be happier with the service provided. Michelle Casado"

"My daughter has been having drum lessons with Andy for over two years and absolutely loves them. The teaching is excellent and fun and she's been really inspired to carry on even when it gets tough.
Top quality teaching and and very reasonably priced. I would highly recommend Pro Music. Debbie Ansell"

"George has been having drum lessons with Josh for almost 2 years, and has really developed his ability to perform on a wide variety of musical styles having no former experience. In his own words George says his lessons are enjoyable and fun. Josh is very patient and dedicated to the technical aspects, and has motivated George to push for great musicianship. Even during lockdown, progress continued well with virtual lessons. The studio is a great environment to learn in and would highly recommend Pro Music. Jenny Little"

"My Daughter has recently started drum lessons with Patrick. Her confidence has soared and she has completely fallen in love with drumming. Patrick is a fantastic teacher, he is extremely patient and has a wonderful way of demonstrating and explaining all areas of drumming. Thank you, would definitely recommend!" Rebecca Parker

"Joshua our drum teacher is wonderful! He is patient, encouraging and approachable. My daughter who is shy around new people has taken really well to him, he was so understanding and let her come around. Such a great place to let kids or adults learn new skills and hobbies! Cheryl Ames"

"My son has made fantastic progress since working with Tom on his drums, his first instrument was the guitar, but now he had propelled forward and is motivated to learn at a quicker pace and a higher level on his drums. Tom is always looking forward, setting achievable targets that keep my son engaged and interested. We have been blown away at the quality of teaching we have seen and experienced. It is a cut above and gets excellent results. My only regret is that we didn’t start here sooner. Thank you so much for all that the teachers do, particularly for preparing the kids for the exams in such a professional manner week ahead. We wholeheartedly recommend pro-music - Lillybet Anne"

"I've been having drum lessons with Andy for almost 4 years and would highly recommend him. He's flexible and patient which is really good for an adult learner like me, as well as willing to indulge my whims on different songs and different styles. Lessons are the highlight of my week." Gil Lian

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