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FLUTE Lessons HALESOWEN – Cradley heath

The flute is a popular woodwind instrument with children and adults alike. A versatile instrument, the flute is included in orchestras, jazz bands and many other types of music groups. As a relatively small and easy to maintain instrument the flute is perfect for the student looking to learn to play songs quickly. As with other woodwind instruments the flute also shares fingering and skills with other instruments in the woodwind family, and so learning the flute can lead to other opportunities.


Pro Music Tuition also offer online flute lessons available using Skype, Zoom, WhatsApp or Facebook. For times when getting to the studio isn’t possible online lessons are a perfect alternative and you can expect the same first class quality of teaching online as you can in person. Online flute lessons also allow a greater degree of flexibility with booking lesson times so if you are struggling to find time to travel for lessons online teaching is ideal.

If you are looking to book flute lessons for you or your child why not get in touch with us today or use our handy online booking system to book your first free lesson!

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Flute lessons Halesowen


We teach the flute to children from the age of eight and up, with plenty of adults enjoying learning the instrument, too. The flute is an ideal instrument for beginners as students quickly progress from playing a few notes to performing songs. Our expert tutors make sure lesson plans are tailored to the individual student’s abilities and teach music theory and scales alongside playing pupil’s favourite songs.

Whatever age and whether learning through group or individual flute tuition we offer to train pupils for exams. Working towards a goal like this can help teach children to focus and the sense of achievement when passing grades is always a thrill. We work with several different syllabuses, including ABRSMTrinity and Rockschool. If you have previously learned pieces for an exam elsewhere we can provide the exam for you (excluding ABRSM).


We offer flute lessons in either a solo or group setting. Individual lessons are available in 30 and 60 minute formats and are an excellent way for pupils to focus on individual pieces, or for working towards exams. Our group lessons are 60 minutes in length and encourage pupils to learn and play music together and help to build self-confidence in a fun environment.

Music Tuition Testimonials

"My two kids attend weekly lessons with tutors Leah and Josh. Been going for nearly 2 years now and I'm so impressed with how much progress they have both made. They both have excellent communication, are helpful and lessons are very fun and innovative."


"Pro Music is fantastic. Such patience and dedication to helping all the students reach their goals. Building confidence in students and ensuring they are happy. Learning anything new is difficult but these guys make it so much easier. Thank you for all you do.

Samantha Else

"A very friendly and welcoming place with excellent teachers. All of my children have learned to piano and guitar here. Thanks guys"

Russell Tombs

"My son has been attending Pro music for 2 years and I can honestly say I would not go anywhere else. The tutors are fantastic, especially Tom. If you are trying to get your kids off the consoles into another positive interest, this is the place to go, they do a huge range of instruments so will definitely find something they are into. I also know older teens and adults who go to Pro music for various different things including singing lessons and the feedback is excellent. I would highly recommend it to anyone! 

Emma Rushton

"Wow this music school is fantastic, my son has been having drum lessons with Andy, and I have to say he is amazing, so friendly, professional, and very patient, he's more like family because he has made my son feel relaxed and brought him out his shell. All through lockdown, he has continued to give him advice and carry on with his lesson online, he has just taken his grade 3.

Karen Winmill

"My children have lessons with Tom and Robin for piano and Andy for bass and they all REALLY enjoy their lessons. The teachers have a love for their music, they tailor their lessons for the children, they treat them as intelligent human beings, they also are very helpful and informative to parents. I cannot praise them enough :-)"

Rachel Cunningham-Day

"Laura who is the piano teacher at Pro Music Cradley is amazing. My daughter had started taking piano lessons from her since last September and what a success that has been. My D who is 4 year old has learned so much. Laura not only teaches the child to play the piano but the way she teaches it is amazing. Her lessons are engaging and playful enough for a child that they remember and learn and built from there. Would highly recommend her."

Sabeen Khalid