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Are you looking to learn and master electric guitar, acoustic guitar or ukulele in 2019 with a fun, friendly, DBS qualified and creative teachers? We are based in Cradley Heath close to Halesowen Town Centre.

We are local to Halesowen, Dudley or West Bromwich area? Novice guitar players are very welcome.

We teach guitar 7 days a week from 3pm weekdays and all weekends.

If you have not got a guitar we have one you can borrow for the lessons.

Maybe you can already play a little ? adult learner ?

Pro Music near Halesowen will teach you all the basics, including the chords, scales and electrifying riffs used in your favourite blues, classic rock, country and heavy metal songs right here at Pro Music Guitar. Along the way, you'll receive words of advice, encouragement and inspiration from your teacher. If its Led Zeppelin's Jimmy Page, Metallica's Kirk Hammett, Slash and B.B. King you aim to sound like we can help you reach your goal. If you can't read music, don't worry! Our easy tab system will show you where to put your fingers and tell you which strings to pick. Pro Music Guitar in Halesowen is backed by years of experience with the kind of instruction readers can only find in Guitar World magazine.

If you are a beginner wanting to learn the art of playing guitar then Pro Music in Rowley Regis, Halesowen can help. We design guitar lessons tailored specifically to meet your needs. Pro Music has developed over the years with beginners in mind teaching you the correct way to play whether it be electric guitar or acoustic guitar lessons or any other guitar style.

If you have previous playing experience regardless of what stage of playing, you are at, Pro Music in Halesowen can provide you with excellence guitar lessons with something to offer guitarists of all levels.

Each guitar lesson is clearly explained in a simply, easy to understand way which will develop your playing and listening skills. Pro Music always builds on previous lessons so you learn and progressive with every bit of tuition taken.

Guitar Tuition is becoming very popular at Pro Music Guitar with nearly 60% of students taking Guitar lessons around the halesowen area. The 3 guitar tutors tailer each lesson whether your aim is playing your favorite songs or gradings.

Testimonials from other guitar students 


"My guitar lessons at pro music guitar in Rowley Regis have been a blast! Tom is an amazing teacher and I'm just about to take my grade 7 in the forthcoming week! Highly recommend!!!!"
Sam kings(Friday, July 11 14 05:00 pm BST)


"I had been self-learning to play guitar on and off for 2 years, however I seemed to lack motivation and direction with learning. Since joining Pro music guitar a year ago, I have not only had direction in learning and motivation in playing from taking lessons, but my playing skills have improved greatly. I feel I am twice the guitarist I was a year ago and many people I know who have seen/heard me play have noticed a big improvement. Lessons are great, follow a good learning syllabus and are taught by teachers who are friendly, very helpful and full of good advice. It’s even given my aspirations to teach others myself one day! I have recommended a few friends to Pro music guitar in the past and still recommend it to others now."Ben Carradine(Thursday, April 04 13 11:19 pm BST)


"Great tuition!Enjoyable and fun sessions and really helped me learn my instrument. I would recomend Pro Music Guitar in Halesowen to anyone!"
Michael(Friday, July 19 13 03:01 pm BST)

Guitar lessons in Halesowen, Dudley, Kingswinford, Rowley Regis, Cradley Heath, Blackheath and Merry Hill. We are the best music school in the area for tuition - our feedback speaks for itself. Come and find out why with a free lesson - 01215593355

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