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If you are a beginner wanting to learn the art of playing the guitar then Pro Music in Cradley Heath, Halesowen can help. We provide guitar lessons tailored specifically to meet your needs. Pro Music has developed over the years with beginners in mind teaching you the correct way to play whether it be electric guitar or acoustic guitar lessons or any other guitar style. We have 3 guitar tutors at Pro Music due to high demand in guitar lessons. In fact, guitar tuition is becoming so popular, nearly 60% of our students take guitar tuition.

If you have previous playing experience regardless of what stage of playing you are at, Pro Music in Halesowen can provide you with excellence guitar lessons with something to offer guitarists of all levels. However, if you also have no experience at learning to play the guitar, you are still able to learn here at Pro Music Tuition.

Each guitar lesson is clearly explained in a simple, easy to understand way which will develop your playing and listening skills. Pro Music always builds on previous lessons so you learn and progress with every bit of tuition taken. Our guitar lessons are also available as part of a group or individually. Group tuition will enable you to make friends as well as learning to play in a group. Whereas, individual guitar lessons are offered for those who need additional support towards their grades or if you tend to perform better on your own. However, both options are available to all of our students.

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