How to play guitar.

You can make learning the guitar as easy or as hard as you want. Sure, there are courses that suggest we can achieve a reasonable standard in one week however it depends what you hope to achieve from the guitar.

Playing guitar chords is sometimes one of the most frustrating elements of playing the guitar. Here is how to speed up your chord playing.

  1. Forget your strumming hand – surely you’remusic tuition in Halesowen aiming for downstrokes first of all so don’t worry about it for the minute.
  2. Try changing from the basic open G chord to Em without strumming. The aim is little movement.
  3. Add on C and then D – again don’t be concerned with your strumming hand.


We have many electric guitar pupils we teach from week to week who struggled with this concept and after a few days changing between 2-4 chords became less stressful.

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