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Music tuition is a great a way of introducing chilren and adults to the gift of learning an instrument. We offer music lessons from the age of 5yrs up. We have many pupils whom travel from Dudley, West Bromwich, Halesowen and Birmingham to take lessons with us each week. 


For piano we can offer group sessions which is fun and makes learning fun.


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 If you're unsure about adding music lessons to the weeklyu list, take notice of the benefits when booking Guitar, Piano music lessons in Halesowen, Black Country area. Sometimes pupils don't become the next Hendrix, Mozart or Elton John however read the points below on why taking music lessons helps...


1. It improves Academic Skills 


2. It develops those physical skills which they need for everyday life. 


3. It encourages interaction and communicarion between other music students.


4. It adds discipline and alot of patience to life .


5. Boosts self-esteem.


6. Great introduction to other musical styles and instruments.



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