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Music Lessons & Tuition in Cradley Heath, Halesowen

At Pro Music Tuition, we cater to pupils of all ages and abilities. Whether you are a student undertaking your first music lesson or had previous lessons, our lessons are catered to all!

Music Tuition in Halesowen

Learn to Play a Musical Instrument

Learning to play a musical instrument can be both rewarding and frustrating as well as fun and enjoyable!  It allows individuals to build confidence and provides a way of expression for children and adults alike.

We facilitate students to learn at their own pace as we understand individuals differ within their learning time. Many people are able to grasp new skills quickly, whereas others may take longer. However, all of our students receive a balanced approach from our experienced tutors. We have 19 tutors at Pro Music Tuition,  all of which are DBS checked and hold a degree in music performance. Also, some hold a QTS in education.

Pro Music offers individual and group sessions for all musical instrument lessons. Depending on your preferred way to learn, will dictate which type of lesson you require.

Certificate of Excellence - Guitar
Piano Lessons
Group Tuition (Certificate)

Music Tuition

We offer all of our students to opportunity to learn to play a wide range of instruments including the steel pans, piano, drums, violin, guitar, woodwind instruments and vocal lessons.

For all of the above instruments, we also offer exams to measure your progress! As well as this, we allow our students to take place in annual concerts.

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