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Firstly, if you are an existing student, I really hope you like our new artwork around the music school and if you aren’t I hope that one day you visit to see our new artwork. One of our pupil’s parents has given us a hand, with designing the instruments.  It looks greats and the place doesn’t look so bare now when you enter Pro Music Tuition.

Secondly, exams are all over now and we are now taking entries for March- April 2019 exams (5 weeks worth)! November was a stressful month with tutors working endlessly around the clock trying to get pupils ready for RSL exams. The easy bit is that pupils don’t have to travel to another centre to sit their exam, but can book it at Pro Music which is a great advantage.

The last point of this blog is, live & loud tickets are selling out fast. Please message your tutor if you require some to be reserved or alternatively, call us. The last two events were sold out with over 60 acts performing. This event, everyone will see Pro Music’s steel pan group, this was formed during the summer and is growing each month.

As always thank you for the support – we are very lucky to have supportive parents and pupils.

If you are not currently a student here at Pro Music Tuition but are thinking about learning a new instrument, get in contact today to book your FREE first session. Our tutors will help you progress in the learning of playing an instrument and get you ready for exams, to help you progress to the next level. You will also be able to take part in our concerts either as an individual or as part of a group.