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Music Tuition in Schools

Supporting Primary & Secondary Schools Music Education

 In School Peripatetic Tuition for Primary & Secondary Schools.

Primary & secondary music education has long been considered an integral component of a well-rounded education. Not only does it provide students with the opportunity to learn and appreciate different musical genres, but it also enhances their cognitive and emotional development, sharpening their creativity, memory, and problem-solving skills. However, as educational institutions face budget constraints and tough decisions regarding resource allocation, many schools have been forced to reduce or even eliminate their music programs altogether.

Pro Music, a leading provider of music-related education, recognised the need for a solution. The organisation established a program to offer music tuition to schools, providing students with the opportunity to learn an instrument, study music theory, and even participate in school bands or ensembles. Pro Music’s program aims to make quality music education accessible and affordable to students of all backgrounds and skill levels.

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In School Music Tuition from Pro Music


With Pro Music’s program in place, schools can now offer students a robust music education curriculum without the need for expensive equipment or hiring additional staff members. The program includes access to experienced music teachers who are experts in their field, and able to provide individual instruction and support to each student. We understand that looking for local music teachers can sometimes be a challenge but with Pro Music Limited rest is assured! All of our tutors are DBS checked and hold a degree in music performance with some also holding a QTS in education.

Aside from improving their musical abilities, students who participate in Pro Music’s program also benefit from improved academic performance. Studies have shown that students who study music improve their overall academic performance, in areas such as mathematics, memory retention, and language acquisition. These findings suggest that investing in music education is not just an investment in a student’s musical ability, but also in their academic and personal growth.

Furthermore, Pro Music’s program assists schools in meeting their curriculum requirements and promotes the consistent implementation of music education techniques. The program aligns with national standards and benchmarks and is designed to help students meet with current GCSE/BTEC subjects.

In summary, Pro Music’s offering of in-school tuition has proven to be a valuable resource for schools seeking to provide quality music education to their students. Providing students with the opportunity to learn and appreciate music can improve their academic performance, cognitive development, and emotional well-being. With the aid of Pro Music’s program, schools can ensure that their students receive a comprehensive and enriching music education experience.

Pro Music Tuition in School Music Lessons