It is pretty hard trying to find the correct Guitar tutor especially now every gigging musician has suddenly tried to teach because of the COVID situation. 3 easy steps to find a Professional guitar tutor locally 

  1. Do they hold a degree or grade 8 in the guitar?
  2. How many pupils do they have? 
  3. How much do they know about your learning style or how to structure lessons correctly?
  4. Do they have a QTS in education?

The first point I made is obvious, imagine you were looking for a roofer, you wouldn’t get anybody to sort that issue out but a professional. Point 2 is also important as if they are struggling to book you in, then its normally because that tutor is doing a great job. 

Point 3 & 4 should be sorted within the first two sessions. We all know children learn different ways whilst this is an important part of the musical journey, its important the tutor knows how to suss out the learning style of that pupil and design a clear structure. This will enable the pupil to access work easier when practicing at home. 

Matt Morgan – Blogger and passionate about music tuition taught the correct way.

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