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Piano Lessons Near Hall Green

Are you looking for professional piano lessons near Hall Green? Pro Music Tuition has some wonderful Piano teachers that can help you achieve your aspirations at one of our five music centres in total. Including Rubery in Birmingham, two music centres in Sandwell and Dudley (Cradley Heath near Halesowen) and Rowley Regis, one in Boldmere near Sutton Coldfield and one in Olton in Solihull. We also have hundreds of pupils who learn online on live video with us from all over the world each week. 

The piano is consistently the most popular instrument to learn here at Pro Music Tuition with hundreds of pupils currently learning with us. With this wealth of experience, we can provide lessons for children and adults of all skill levels. We start children from the age of 5 on the piano as this is the earliest we have found they will be able to concentrate and participate fully. Starting children young this young is ideal, but pupils are free to start at any age, including adults.

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Piano lessons for Adults near Hall Green


Individual piano tuition is ideal for students who wish to work on their grades and practice specific pieces, or for children with special educational needs who may benefit from a more focused learning environment. We offer both 30 and 60-minute sessions.

Whatever age and whether learning through group or individual tuition we offer to train pupils for exams. Working towards a goal like this can help teach children to focus and the sense of achievement when passing grades is always a thrill. We work with several different syllabuses, including ABRSMTrinity, and Rockschool. If you have previously learned pieces for an exam elsewhere we can provide the exam for you (excluding ABRSM).

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Group piano tuition is a great way for children to fast-track their learning, and build self-confidence that will be useful in all aspects of life, whilst still working towards grades and improving their piano skills. In group piano lessons we combine learning to read music notation with theory games and ensure that each member of the class is receiving the same high standard of learning.

Group sessions typically have 3 to 5 pupils in each hourly session with lessons taking place after school on weekdays and also on weekends. We offer piano lessons for beginners, intermediates, and more experienced students. Call today to book your group piano lessons near Hall Green.

Local Piano Teachers near Hall Green

Pro Music is a truly local music school that offers some of the best guitar teachers around. Whether it’s Piano or keyboard we have experienced teachers to help you or your child take that first step in learning how to play the piano.


Piano Teachers near where you live?

Looking for piano lessons near to where you live? we have 5 music centres in Birmingham and the Black Country (Cradley Heath, Rowley Regis, Rubery, Solihull and Sutton Coldfield) we also offer live online lessons to hundreds of students all over the world every week.

We understand that looking for local music teachers can sometimes be a challenge but with Pro Music Limited rest is assured! All of our tutors are DBS checked and the majority hold a degree in music, and some also hold a QTS in education.

Piano lessons near Hall Green


We also offer an online piano teaching experience over Skype, Zoom, WhatsApp or Facebook. We are experienced at remote teaching so for times when getting to the studio is difficult we can still deliver the same top classic tuition to pupils in their own homes.

Not only does learning online eliminate travel time and the need to pack and move your instruments it also allows for a wider range of scheduling options so we can find a time that works for you. If you are looking to book piano lessons for you or your child why not get in touch with us today or use our handy online booking system to book your first free lesson?



What sort of piano music do you teach?

We teach a wide range of styles to suit children and adults. We have many children who attend Pro Music who just wish to learn how to read music and start the grading systems like ABRSM, RSL and TRINITY. We also have pupils who wish to participate in leisure play where they bring in a setlist of songs to learn. We have 17 piano teachers here who are trained in different styles so whatever style you’re looking for Pro Music can help.

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Do you teach adults to play Piano?

Yes, at Pro Music Tuition we teach children and adults piano, most adults like to start learning with their children as it is an activity they can enjoy together.

We teach hundreds of adults without children who have always had the desire to learn and feel it’s now time to do something they have always wanted. We start adults as novices or can take over from other existing teachers/music schools. We can start gradings or leisure play, Pro Music is very flexible with the times. We have many slots to suit adults who work shiftwork/home or even 9-to-5.
How long will it be before I can play the piano well?

Unfortunately, the true answer to this question is “it depends.” The journey of learning the piano will never come to an end; as long as you continue to play, you will always be able to improve your skills. Even the most accomplished concert pianists continue to hone their craft throughout their careers. I will state that this process is frequently completed more quickly by children than it is by adults. This is for the same reason that youngsters are able to acquire new languages more easily; their brains are more adaptable. That is not to argue that adults are incapable of achieving a level of competence, rather, it only means that they may require more time to do so.
However, in order to give you a general idea of what to anticipate for your level after a particular length of time has passed, below is an approximate estimate. These estimates are derived from the perspective of an adult novice who has never picked up a piano or any other musical instrument in the past.

After around a year of practice, you should be at the level of a beginner. This would probably correspond to the Grade 1 or 2 level on the ABRSM scale. You should be able to play relatively simple compositions and have a fair grasp of learning from sheet music, playing basic one-octave scales, and other musical fundamentals.

Three to four years at the minimum
After somewhere between three and four years, you should be at this level of proficiency. You should expect to be playing at a level roughly equivalent to Grade 4 or 5 (ABRSM). At this point, you should have a good understanding of more advanced ideas, such as sightreading, more complicated rhythmic patterns, and scales in the majority of keys up to two or three octaves. At this point, you should feel comfortable learning individual pieces on your own without the need to rely on a teacher; however, you should still anticipate receiving most of your direction from your instructor or tutor.

Between five and ten years
You should plan on reaching this level after a minimum of five years and up to ten years of effort. You should be playing at a level equivalent to at least Grade 8 on the ABRSM scale by this point. You should have no trouble sightreading works that are around three to four grades below your current level of playing. You need to be familiar with scales, arpeggios, broken chords, and other techniques in each key. At this point, you should feel completely at ease selecting your own repertoire and studying works on your own without assistance.

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How long does it take an adult to learn to play the piano?

This is another question that is extremely difficult to define. It is dependent on a variety of things, such as how quickly you learn, what kind of musical background you have, and whether or not you have the time to practise regularly. You will be able to pick up the piano extremely fast, to the point where it might only take you two years to be at the same level with your piano playing if, for instance, you have already played the violin to a grade equivalent to Grade 8; in this case, you will be able to transfer your knowledge from the violin to the piano. If you are just starting out, you should anticipate that it will take you at least five years of consistent play to reach the same level.

The duration of the process is also contingent on the type of training that you are receiving. If you are working with an exceptional and experienced teacher who is able to very quickly notice your mistakes and fix them, in addition to the repertoire that you are interested in and that will help you progress, you will learn rapidly. This is because the teacher will be able to immediately spot your mistakes and correct them. If you are working with a teacher who is not really interested in your personal development or who does not have a great deal of experience teaching complete novices (and in my experience, very few teachers have either of these qualifications), then your progress will go at a much more glacial pace.

The most important piece of guidance that can be given in this regard is to discover the instructional approach that works best for you. An experienced instructor who is aware of the typical challenges faced by novices is the best candidate for the teaching position. However, a large number of teachers will claim that they have expertise instructing beginners when, in reality, this is not the case and they would be much more suited to instructing pupils who are at an intermediate or advanced level.

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How many hours per day should you practice the piano?

While seated at the piano, concentrate for as long as you can. Logic dictates that if you practice for one hour per day, you will progress three times quicker than if you practice for twenty minutes per day. This is not always the case, however. The Value of your practice is more important than the time you devote to it. It makes no difference how many hours you spend at the piano if your practice consists solely of playing through your compositions and repeating the same errors. You simply won’t get any better.

However, if you practice the piano seriously and diligently, you will progress more rapidly. You can make progress even if you devote only twenty minutes per day, so long as those twenty minutes are intensely focused. Each day, you should perform as much hyper-focused practice as possible. If your practice is effective, practising for two hours per day will help you improve quicker than practising for twenty minutes.

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How long is each lesson, and how often should I have a piano lesson?

We offer 30/60/90-minute lessons. These can be taken face-to-face or over zoom. Normally lessons are booked once a week to suit the pupil. We do insist on 24-hour notice if you wish to move the lesson.

Do you teach complete beginners Piano?

Pro Music has around 95% new piano beginners each year. We don’t expect pupils to come in and know everything, that’s why they’re having lessons. We will advise you on syllabuses, what to practice, and how to practice effectively and also support you when you are stuck and need advice at home.

How can I help my child to progress more quickly in their piano lessons?

One of the biggest problems with practice is the child doesn’t understand what practice is and how to practice. Pro Music we will relay all information to parents and pupils so they know exactly what to practice within the week. We can even provide videos and audio clips for the Pupil to follow. Another issue with practice is that children sometimes fall out of routine. It’s really important for the child to have a routine, even if it’s three times a week. Getting into a routine is sometimes hard but once controlled new material each week will absorb easier.

Make sure they have a regular practice routine, 15-20 minutes a day will hold your child in good stead, re-learning elements from your child’s weekly lesson. Piano Tutors at Pro Music can help you design this.
Can I learn about music theory?

Yes, music theory is included in all lessons. We teach our pupils, note values, how to read music, and scales and how to approach sight-reading. This is important in knowing h ow to practice effectively. Tutors will also demonstrate what websites to use to brush up and improve on your music theory reading. Whether you are just learning for fun or following a syllabus to pass your grade exams you will be taught a combination of music theory and practical techniques, all pupils will be taught how to read drum music correctly, even children as young as 5 years old will be taught the same way this is great at supporting children’s cognition which will lead to improved academic performance. We work with several different syllabuses, including Trinity, and Rockschool.

I already play another instrument will this help?

Yes, it will definitely help. A second instrument is always welcomed here at Pro Music some peoples even take 2 to 3 instruments per week. We can also discount when pupils want to take another instrument. Please give Pro Music a call we can give you advice on which to pick.

For example, playing the piano than learning steel pans would be an easy transition. Same with electric guitar to bass guitar.

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What piano books do I need and where do I get them from?

We start all children off on the Alfred basic piano course. For adults, we normally can start from the Michael Arron courses. We advise Trinity and Rockschool grade books as these are the most popular syllabuses to follow, we also have some of these books available in the school, and our teachers will discuss your options so you can choose a syllabus that suits you best.
At Pro Music, we double as Rock School and Trinity examination centre so there is no need to worry about where you will need to travel to for your music exams.

Do your students get opportunities to perform?

Yes, we hold three showcases per year. There are 4 to 5 concerts which involve many musicians of all levels who simply want to perform effectively. We roughly have about 400 to 500 in the audience and is always an enjoyable evening.

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Why should we choose Pro Music for piano lessons?
We have hundreds of reviews and the proud history of the Pro Music name speaks for itself. Pro Music Tuition offers the tuition of a wide range of instruments including guitarpiano and drums. We offer our lessons to children and adults of all ages and abilities. Our tuition centres are open 7 days for individual and group lessons. We offer trinity rock and pop grading here, along with those who take exams with ABRSM. However, we understand that exams are not for everybody so we have structured lessons in place for this reason and therefore you can learn with us for your entertainment!
Pro Music also has a proven track record of offering inclusive, high quality and professional music tuition.
All of our teachers are DBS checked and trained to grade 8 or degree level and many teachers are also trained, as school teachers.
Pro Music has an onsite SEN coordinator which does allow our teachers to adapt music lessons for children and adults with special educational needs where it is required.

Pro Music Tuition near Hall Green has hundreds of excellent piano reviews on Google and social!

Do you offer Piano Lessons Near Me?

We understand that looking for local music teachers can sometimes be a challenge but with Pro Music Limited rest is assured! All of our tutors are DBS checked and the majority hold a degree in music, and some also hold a QTS in education.

We have pupils visit our Birmingham music centre from many locations in and around Birmingham including Acocks Green, Aston, Bartley Green, Bearwood, Bournville, Castle Bromwich, Castle Vale, Edgbaston, Erdington, Frankley, Great Barr, Hall Green, Handsworth, Harborne, Kings Heath, Kings NortonLongbridge, Moseley, Northfield, Oldbury, Perry Barr, Rubery, Quinton, Stirchley, Selly Oak, Sutton Coldfield, Weoley Castle and Yardley.


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Piano Lesson Testimonials

"Laura who is the piano teacher at Pro Music Cradley is amazing. My daughter started taking piano lessons from her since last September and what a success that has been. My D who is 4 year old has learned so much. Laura not only teaches the a child to play the piano but the way she teaches it is amazing. Her lessons are engaging and playful enough for a child that they remember and learn and built from there. Would highly recommend her. " Sabeen Khalid"

"My daughter Lilly has piano lessons with Ron. She looks forward to her weekly sessions either in person or should we need them via Skype. Ron is patient, caring and supportive of Lilly. His expectations of her learning has always been high. They share lots of giggles and have fun together especially when learning new pieces of music." Deena Whitehouse

"My daughter Sophie has been here a few short months and in this time Leeming has been wonderful with her. Sophie recently sat her grade one piano and passed with a distinction.
I am so proud of her and so grateful to Leeming for her enthusiasm, hard work and commitment to Sophie's lessons.
Definitely recommend if you want your to learn a new instrument or further skills in one you know.
100% amazing." Faye Darby

"My 8 and 9-year-old boys have just started piano lessons with Tom. They love the lessons and Tom is amazing with them keeping them engaged and on task" Beverley Eden

"I had Piano/keyboard lessons with Ron several years ago but unfortunately, I decided not to continue at that time. I have just got back into playing and I had my first lesson back with Ron this week. I wouldn't have gone to anyone else. I can't recommend Ron and Pro Music enough. A great place to learn your chosen instrument, whatever that may be, and Ron is a great tutor with a great teaching style and makes lessons fun and easygoing. I'm loving playing again now and can't wait for future lessons" John Thompson

"My son comes here for drum lessons and my daughter for piano. Tom was very helpful in accommodating my request to find tutors at the same time for both instruments. Andy is a great drum teacher and Marie thought my daughter to start reading music in two weeks, she's a great piano teacher who continues to challenge my daughter to learn more each week. It's a bit of a drive but worth the journey each week. Thank you." Marian Amy

"I am really pleased with the Piano lesson my daughter is having with Leah. My daughter enjoys every second she spent learning with her. And she is improving a lot. I will recommend Leah to anyone who wishes to learn Piano." Alida Simbizi

"Professional, fun, and engaging! We haven't been learning for very long, however, our little one looks forward to his session and showing Gemma everything he has been working on and achieved. Thriving at his own pace, he is playing the piano and building up a great understanding of rhythm, musical notes, and tones."

"We absolutely adore Pro music! Oscar has been having Piano lessons with Tom and he’s absolutely loving it! I’m blown away by his progress and the support we get from Tom! Can’t wait for my daughter to start soon! ❤️ Highly recommend " Bhavnisha Mistry