Pro Music Tuition - Reviews and Testimonials

Iroa Lim
My son is here about 3 weeks. He enjoying in his learning and also he improve lots. He can only play two fingers after a year learning from another music school which really useless.Recommended Tom 👍
Kerry Simpson
My daughter has been having singing lessons with Kayleigh for almost 2 months. Kayleigh is an amazing teacher and is fully flexible. In the couple of months since my daughter has started she has had 2 auditions one for a musical theatre group and the 2nd for a leading role in her school musical. She got both roles, Kayleigh was instrumental in preparing her for both of these. Thank you so much Kayleigh xxx
Hope Ellen Springs
My son has been having drum lessons here and has recently passed his grade one exam, with distinction! The building is really well equipped and the tutors are all amazing musicians and teachers!
Nicolette Balkham
Have been having drum lessons for my boys for a while now and have just had guitar taster lessons Thankyou Andy for your wisdom and patience So not only have you been amazing with drums but guitar too!My boys think you’re awesome too! Highly recommended 👍
Natalie Barrett
my daughter wanted to learn the piano, so for her 7th birthday we got her booked in for her 1st ever lesson, and she loves it, Chris is a great teacher.
James Mounsey
Great first impressions of Tom and Pro music, great service from the off and looking forward to see what's to come!
Hayley Blount
if you want to learn guitar, then Andy is totally your man. my son has been going for just a few weeks now, and what he has done with him is just outstanding. a lovely man and a fantastic teacher. can't praise him enough. thank you Andy
Sue Whorton
my daughter takes piano lessons with Jordon, she make my daughter so relaxed with the chilled out environment, highly recommended ❤️
Anna Smith
My daughter goes to piano lessons with Chris. He's a great teacher and musician. She loves his lesson and playing the piano because of his wonderful approach to kids.
Samantha Reynolds
My son has been having guitar lessons for just over a year, he loves his lessons with Dave Phillips and has even had an opportunity to perform on stage. Thank you for your support Dave.
Claudine Whalley-Billau
My son had started guitar lessons with David Phillips over the last 3 weeks. His progress has been fabulous! He loves his lessons and is keen to practice all he’s been shown. David is an excellent musician and accomplished teacher who really knows how to engage the kids he teaches! Highly recommend!!
Emma Morgan-brown
My daughter has been having singing lessons with Kayleigh for over a year now and she loves it, Kayleigh has taught her so much not only teaching her to sing but music theory as well. Her confidence has really grown and her first exam and live and loud will be coming up soon. I would really recommend pro music my daughter loves it 🎼🎤❤️
Charles White
My son George loves his druiming lessons. Kkosh both a great drummer and a great titor
Laura Joy Gee
I decided to have singing lessons as I was singing a friend down the aisle on her wedding day. What a great choice! Kay is a lovely girl and according to others my voice has improved immensly, so she must be doing something right! She is a great teacher and has really helped me already and I have only been coming a couple of months! Even built my confidence to perform at live and loud. Highly recommended kay!
Melissa Clark
Syd started the guitar with Dave when she was four (now five) her progress really shows and Dave is amazing with her.... his patience when she has an “off lesson” is remarkable, she come a long way and now at home just picks it up and plays away. He teaches her in a very individualised way that suits her brilliantly. Thanks for getting her to love playing an instrument. :-)Millie & syd xx
Lillybet Anne
My son has made fantastic progress since working with Tom on his drums, his first instrument was guitar, but now he had propelled forward and is motivated to learn at a quicker pace and a higher level on his drums. Tom is always looking forward, setting achievable targets that keep my son engaged and interested. We have been blown away at the quality of teaching we have seen and experienced. It is a cut above and gets excellent results. My only regret is that we didn’t start here sooner. Thankyou soooo much for all that the teachers do, particularly for preparing the kids for the exams in such a professional manner weeks ahead. We wholeheartedly recommend pro-music
Ruth Pearson
Amazing violin lessons with Chenille! As an adult beginner I was apprehensive but Chenille put me at ease straight away with her friendly and gentle manner! She is targeting the lessons to my needs and my progress is swift. Highly, highly recommend. Feels like I have made a friend as well as gained a great tutor! 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀
Nikkie Lees
I started singing lessons with Kaylee a few months ago and have to say it’s been a fantastic experience so far. Aside from the fact she is super friendly and approachable, she’s an amazing vocal coach, and seems to instinctively know what is good for my voice. In a relatively short period of time, I have picked up so much knowledge, both about techniques, and about my voice. Before I started lessons, I didn’t have the confidence to sing in front of anyone. Now I am learning some complex songs, getting my head around sheet music, using very helpful breathing methods, and have sang in front of a couple of family members. I highly recommend Pro Music and Kaylee.
Zahra Lififene
Thank you for our guitar lesson trial. very professional and friendly people. I definitely recommend this place for adults and children. my daughter is still to young but we will come back in 1-2 years. thank you for advice about everything for our daughter.
Vanessa Yeoman Demetrius
excellent service would definitely recommend daughter whom is home educated has high levels of anxiety is made to feel welcome and at ease and is able to work at a level that she feels comfortable without having to feel too much out of her comfort zone ..couldn't recommend enough enough!
Karen Ann Winmill
would really son had a drum lesson and andy was really good with him.well worth the money
Nneka Udenze Adewale
Outstanding teachers, excellent facilities and friendly environment
Bonita Louise
Great first lesson with David, easy to talk to and a great teacher, makes you feel at ease, can’t wait to continue my guitar lessons!
Lindsey Corbett
My daughter has excelled in her vocal grades with Pro Music. Tom her tutor has taken her from grade 3 to grade 8 in two years. I have found the music school to be very well organised and customer focused. My younger daughter is also currently having vocal lessons with Kayleigh and her voice has improved dramatically. As a mom I am very pleased with the progression my daughters have made, more importantly my daughters are very keen and happy to continue their music journey. Xx
Michelle Dennis
This place is amazing. my daughter loves it. The tutors are friendly, professional and will make your child feel comfortable and make the lessons enjoyable. My daughter has made so much progress in her time here and I can't wait to see her grow even more in the future. Big thanks to here tutor Dave (A*)
Leanne Purcell
I would defo recommend pro music! Lovely teachers and great venue. My girls really enjoy their lessons with Tom and Lauren x
Becky Boo Lah
started singing lessons again and have to say I'm really enjoying my lessons Ron my teacher has been brilliant
Islay Wells
learning Guitar with Andy hes brilliant always hear lots of drums and piano playing aswel fantastic place.
Joanne Cresswell
My son started guitar lessons a few months ago with Tom... Then I started to learn the drums!.. I'd always wanted to learn, so at nearly 40 I thought I'd better get a move on! The whole experience has brought me and my son closer together as we have more in common and music has become a big part of our lives - All of the tutors are kind, friendly and fun - we love being part of the pro music family!
Stacey Friday
My daughter started her singing lessons in the summer, she speaks highly of her teacher and from a parent's perspective she is very organised and informative. My daughter is very enthusiastic about her lessons and comes home very happy.
Amanda Caffery
My 10 year old son Jack has drum lessons with Andy, he really looks forward to his weekly lessons, it's fun and enjoys learning something new. Andy is a great teacher!! definitely recommend to others. Well done Pro music 🤘
Charlotte Ransom
My daughter has singing lessons with Kaylee. She enjoys the mix of technical teaching and ‘singing’. Kaylee was quick to recognise her singing style and to make suggestions as to which songs would suit and which songs would stretch her range. Would recommend
Vicky Barrett
Isaac really looks forward to his drum lesson with josh,friendly,proffesional,and great value for money,we are really impressed with how far isaac has came in such a short time from being able to read music as well as play and all while having fun!cant recommemd enough
Ste Calloway
Great folks, who offer real quality teaching and cover rock school grades. My 7 year old is learning drums with Joshua currently and our 5 year old has started guitar lessons with Tom. They love their lessons and are learning at a rate that has majorly surprised me.
Emma Lou Rushton
My son Liam started with Pro Music last year and from the offset I knew it was the best decision we ever made. The tutors at Pro Music are incredibly talented musicians and his tutor Tom has a fantastic approach to teaching music. He keeps Liam focussed and encourages him to achieve his very best. Liam is 11 and already wants to become a music teacher, which makes me so proud and is all down to the dedication and hard work Pro Music instills into their pupils. I would highly recommend everyone to encourage their children to put down their xbox and learn to play an instrument 🙂 and the only place I would consider is Pro Music, they are 100% the best by far and passionate about what they do. Thankyou Tom for everything you do x
Donna Hodges
My daughter started 6 weeks ago learning the guitar and Dave her tutor has been great. Would totally recommend him and Pro Music. She continues to improve every single week. Thanks Dave �
Jo Tranter
My girls look forward to their singing lessons with Kay. She makes them fun and is so patient!!!
Amelia-May Irish
I do vocals and piano at Pro and they have the most amazing teaching style and they are such kind people to be around!
Fiona Miles
My 7 year old had her first piano lesson this week. She was very nervous beforehand but the teacher was brilliant. She loved every minute and has practiced daily what she learnt.
Maria Payne
My 8 year old has been coming to have Keyboard lessons for a while now. Tom is always very patient and makes the lessons fun and enjoyable.
Andrew Gregg Morgan
Chel O'Brien
Daughter has just finished her first lesson and she loved it. She's already talking about the new things she can practice once we're home. Dave the tutor is brilliant and we're looking forward to her next lesson.
Jo Glover
My 8 year old daughter Molly has been having piano lessons with Tom for around 6 weeks now and she loves it.Every week she's so excited to go to her lesson and she made friends on day one.Considering she only has a one hour lesson a week I was gobsmacked at how much she learns in the time she's there...I couldn't recommend this place enough!!
Ben Pusey
My daughter loves her piano lessons here. The teachers are friendly and professional, they make the lessons enjoyable for younger children.
Emma Louise
My son started Piano lessons here a few weeks ago. After finding out he would be unable to continue with music next year he wanted to find somewhere he would be able to continue to learn. As a typical 13yr old anything other than a computer is a challenge to keep him interested, however since starting the group lessons with Tom he is really enjoying playing and has already made progress. I would highly recommend Pro Music to anyone who wants to learn to play music.
Claire Atkins
So last October, my Son Charlie (11) was the one who said "I want to learn the drums, you need to contact Pro" after the third week of asking we did and it's honestly the best place around to learn an instrument! The tutors are awesome. Charlie is taught by Andy who is so kind, talented and patient. He's supportive and encouraging and Charlie has already performed at Live and Loud 1 and just nailed his Debut exam at Distinction level! Come on a bit from bashing my saucepans with a spoon! ✋ Pro Music!
Louise Lewis
For anyone thinking of learning a musical instrument, or getting their children to start playing, then nowhere else would even come close to Pro Music Ltd. My son started playing drums last year with Andy and he absolutely loves it. Over the years he has done various clubs and activities but has always quit due to his lack of interest! But not here, as a typical 12 yr old it's almost impossible to get him off his xbox, his lessons with Andy and practising at home are about the only thing that will get him off. Keep up the good work � �
Jo Balmforth
Would recommend Pro Music to anyone considering it. In 4 months my daughter has performed Iive on stage and passed her first exam with Merit. Andy is her drum teacher, he exudes enthusiasm, is patient and kind and adapts the lessons to suit her musical interests whilst still teaching her the knowledge and techniques she needs.
Feebs Jane Bateman
I love my singing lessons with Kay, something I have always wanted to do and having the lessons with Kay help me to improve every time and also help me to achieve what I want to achieve �
Kelly Atkiss
Tom is ace....patient with a 41 yr old....mid life crisis.....banjo here I come....wikid���
Lisa Barton
My 5 year old daughter has started lesson here just had her 2nd lesson.She really loves the class and can’t wait to attend Myles is very patient but also stretches her so far Myles make the class fun for her and can’t wait to go back each week.
Tez Clements
Kristina Murphy
My 2 children and myself have been attending for the past 2 years - the teachers are amazing, providing expert guidance, support and motivation for all of us!We have found the drums and piano lessons to be brilliant.My son has additional educational needs and he has been able to engage 100% due to the patience and delivery method differentiation employedThank you Tom and team, for a continuous high quality teaching service
Elaine Sweeney
Maureen Millsom
Faye Porter
My three daughters started learning piano a few weeks ago. Two of my daughter's weren't enjoying piano and pro music arranged for them to try guitar instead. They've been very accommodating and patient with my daughter's and now they all love going to their music lessons each week. �
Luke Jeffs
Brilliant! Been a member for years. The teachers are Friendly, professional, encouraging and supportive. Would really recommend it to people wanting to learn a new instrument or to refresh themselvesHighly recommend!!! �����
Christina Wong-Curley
Excellent music school with a team of fantastic teachers. My son has been with the music school for almost three years. Highly recommended
Vicki Field
Brilliant tutors my son has learnt so much in the little time he has been here. Not over priced and nice small groups. Would highly recommend to any parent looking to start their little one in music
Donna Shaw
Lyndsey Shuttleworth
I'm sitting listening to Chloe play her guitar in her bedroom after 6 weeks of lessons it sounds fantastic! Thanks Guys ! Especially Tom her tutor!
Kelly Barron
Fab music school. My son loves having piano lessons here. Tom is a fantastic tutor and would highly recommend to anyone who is thinking of taking lessons.
Rebecca Shipley
My son has been learning to play the drums at Pro Music for 8 months and he loves it. His tutor Andy is great, patient, really helpful and flexible with lessons when needed. The whole place has a relaxed vibe with pupils of all ages, and all of the tutors are really friendly - definitely recommend!
Justine Ellen Irish
Fantastic music school my daughter has vocal and piano lessons and we couldnt imagine her not attending, the tutors are all very experienced and absolutley passionate about teaching so the kids get a great experience and learn the gift of being able to read and understand music....would never go anywhere else.
George Prosser
Learnt how to play drums here and always looked forward to every lesson, super friendly teachers that made learning fun!Update to this review I did a couple years ago, I now have a label and my debut album on the way coming in the new year, none of this would've been possible without my time at Pro Music. So big love for helping me achieve a lifelong dream!
Harry Levett
Nikki Worley
This is a brilliant music school, all the tutors are really friendly and helpful. Andy is a fantastic tutor. Would highly recommend pro music.
Cathy McKernan
highly recommended ! my son has piano/keyboard lessons and is getting on great .. Tom his teacher is fab :-))
Lewis Atkins
Tom has been teaching my son little Tom drums for just gone 2 years. On Sunday 9th this week he will sit for his grade 4 exam. Thanks to Big Tom for all of his help, guidance and patience. Can't recommend Promusic enough �
Alex Bates
Can't speak highly enough of Andy Dugmore!! he has been teaching my son Alfie since he was 3 years old. Once Andy joined Pro music we followed him over to have his lessons here!! Pro music has a great vibe with very friendly staff.. Andy is an amazing drummer and teacher. My son has anxiety and at times has struggled with certain situations but Andy has always offered him support, encouragement and has been very patient with him!! Pro music Rocks!!
Angela Garratt
I am a 38 year old woman so it is needleas to say that I was a bit nervous about wanting to learn the drums, but Andy my drum teacher has been nothing but brilliant. This week will be my fifth lesson and already I can knock out a basic drum beat and read basic drum music. This is sentiment to how good a teacher Andy is. I really do recommend anyone who wants to learn drums to come here. I am not disappointed at all, in fact, I am quite proud of myself.
Ruth Pearson
My six year old son Oliver has guitar lessons with Kealan. He absolutely LOVES every single lesson. Kealan is super gentle and patient and humourous which really works in keeping the lessons enjoyable for younger kids. It kinda feels like Oliver is being taught by his big brother rather than an instructor. Kealan has expanded Olivers mind in the world of music and allows him to explore his own creativity which is ace!!! Plus he is learning so so much!! Would highly recommend����
Shazza TJ
Fantastic first lesson for my Daughter, she was really nervous for her first time but was made at ease and wants to go back again, thanks she loved it!
Gregg Dyas
Fantastic music school, with fantastic tutors! They are also flexible, there's been a few rare occasions that my son has been unable to go to his lesson and it has been rearranged for another day so he doesn't miss out, (This didn't happen at his old music school, we just had to pay for the missed lesson even though we gave three weeks notice).Also a very relaxed environment which has helped my son get on so well with his grade 2.The price for lesson's is also very good. I used to pay £35 for an hour at Yamaha music school and only pay £26 per hour here, so that saves me £36 every four weeks. It's a no brainer really!So yeah top marks for pro music limited! Keep on drumming!!
Chris Harris
This place is great, at 43 I felt a bit awkward the first time I walked in the place, I needn't have worried, Andy my drum teacher set me at ease straight away. I started on a 6 lesson voucher bought as a birthday present by my wife and have continued my lessons. Andy is a great guy and very patient. I highly recommend anybody thinking of taking any kind of music lessons to check these guys out.
Amanda Aston
A fantastic taster session today for Megan. She really enjoyed her first vocal lesson with Kaylee and looks forward to many more. The staff we met were so friendly and helpful and its a gem of a place. Lovely to hear and see so many children enjoying a variety range of music lessons. Would highly recommend.
Ian Jewkes
My son Zach has been having drum lessons with Josh for some time now, started in the old location... great staff, great facilities... well recommended!! �����, ... just need a coffee machine for us adults now!! �
Rachael Doré
Singing lesson with Ron are great. I'm a beginner and nervous but he puts me at ease. Highly recommend.
Anna Kuźma
Julie Marie Lewis
Louise Hidri
Clare Worton
Sons first piano lesson today and I can assure you it wont be the last at Pro MusicRobbie his tutor is fantastic especially with children whos got Special Education Needs Price and location are good too ����
Corinne Bullock
My son had his first piano lesson here on Saturday and absolutely loved it, he's really looking forward to next week.
Helen Homer
My 2 kids had their first guitar lessons with Tom L and Kea this week both boys loved it and can't wait for next week! Both of the teachers were brilliant and patient with the kids
Ayesha Pusey
My 4 year old home educated daughter started piano a few weeks ago and is really enjoying it. Tom is very patient and understanding and is able to work to suit her needs. We would highly recommend to others!
Anita Cox
Our son is nearly 5 and home educated. He is learning to play the piano and Tom is a great teacher! He is very patient, calm and encouraging towards the children which results in a relaxed environment. I would highly recommend Pro Music to anyone wanting to learn music especially other home ed families!
Clare White
This place is brilliant!! I am currently learning to play Sax with Rob. He is patient, encouraging and the sort of bloke who will play alongside you - not just tell you how it should sound. He doesn't rush you and takes the time to ensure you have grasped what you need to do before moving along to the next piece of music. �� I love my lessons on a Thursday - very happy bunny here!! �� I highly recommend this school for anyone who has the urge to play - book up! You won't regret it!
Chris Webb
My 6 year old son wants to play drums, searched the internet but this place was recommended by the music shop in Merry Hill. Looked them up on the internet, good write ups from previous and current students so gave them a call. Tom set us up with Andy and been great ever since. My lad can now read drum music after only a couple of months and really enjoys his weekly lesson. Andy is very patient and finds a happy balance between fun and meaningful learning. They are really flexible when needed and good value with a professional approach. I would happily recommend Pro Music to any wanna be musicians. In the words of my boy "Andy is AWESOME!"
Joanne Nicklin
Both kids have been coming here for keyboard with Ron and drum lessons with Andy for over two years now . Always keen to go , they really enjoy their lessons with friendly professional teachers .
Kelly Miller
My son has drum lessons with Josh. Amazing teachers! Always patient with him, motivating and understanding. They cater for a wide range of children's needs �����
JayJeet Singh
Sarah Wilkins
My 9 year old has been having piano lessons with Lauren for less than a year her patience and teaching is second to none it's wonderful to actually hear him playing our home piano properly!!
Inesa Valentinovna K
Tommy Franklin
Clare Bendall
Brilliant! Friendly, professional, encouraging and supportive. My son has drum lessons with Tom and he's been amazing and supportive to Luke when he's loosing his way or having a bad day. He's also given Luke advice on furthering his education with music at college. I'm so glad we found Tom and transferred from school lessons to Promusic, Luke has mad so much progress.
Rebecca Pugh
Great place to learn music! Both my son and I are learning instruments here and loving it. Great teachers with a lot of patience !!!!
Anita Birk
Highly recommended for all ages and all abilities.
Adam Williams
Denise Perry
Claire Cosnett
Would thoroughly recommend to everyone. Friendly but professional, encouraging but not overbearing. Tom has been great with my very active dyslexic son.
Shona Wright
Fantastic place! Loved every minute of my singing lessons here! If it wasn't for my singing teacher Ron, I would never have aced my Grade 8! Such a happy and vibrant place to learn! I would recommend!!!
Vickie Bradbury
Great music centre for all ages. Friendly atmosphere with top quality tuition!
Vessy Anne Gale
Amazing tuition. My son enjoys going each week. He started off with the basics and now he has passed his grade to attend the college he has chosen. Totally recommend Pro Music Tutition to anyone whatever their level 🙂
Charlotte Mote
Kane Insley
Sam Foley
All round great teachers for a wide range of instruments at an affordable price. The best music tuition in the west midlands!
Tom Wilson
Brilliant service with awesome staff. been with Tom for years, has got me from grade 1 to 8 in guitar very quickly and i'm now going to one of the best universities in the UK for modern music, most if not all thanks too Tom. Totally worth the money and time!
David Foley
Tom has been teaching my son Sam for two and half years. Tom has given Sam the knowledge and skills to become an accomlished guitarist. He is now singing as well and has his first gig on 28th June 2014. Unbelievable. .. thanks TomBest regardsDavid Foley.
Mani Rai
Benjamin McNeil
Richard Antony Ball
Talented musicians and teachers. Very friendly and professional. Great place for your music lessons
Samuel Walker-Large
Ace guitar/drum lessons
Tom Jones
Best place to learn any instrument, if you are looking for a place to learn it has to be here.Please share.
Princess Jhen Castillo
Keep up the good work!
Imtiaz Ahmad
George Smith
Viv Hill
Kian McMillan
Will Parker
Jack Davis
Tom Plant
Sam Robinson
John Thompson
Rachel Matthews