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  • Shona Wright (Tuesday, November 11 14 09:24 pm GMT)

    I can honestly say that Ron is an amazing, lovely, patient, kind and funny vocal tutor. I love to sing but needed to take Grades to help me with my university placements. Ron made me feel comfortable
    right from day 1. It never felt like a lesson. It was always a laugh and I learnt so much. I took grades 3, 6 and jumped straight to grade 8 in music theatre. Even when I had finished my grades I
    wanted to return just to sing and have a laugh. Ron really has been amazing. Without his help in building my confidence I would not have achieved so much. I am now studying an Acting degree at Bath
    Spa University and already I am singing as a backing singer with a rapper!! I never would have believed that would happen. All thanks to pro Music and more especially Ron. I would absolutely
    recommend Pro Music as a brilliant place to learn with professional committed tutors. In fact I will return - so watch out Ron!

  • Bethany-Antonia Clarke (Thursday, July 17 14 11:36 pm BST)

    I came to ProMusic 4 months ago looking for a few basic vocal lessons before a college audition. Ron put in so much effort to get me to where I needed to be and after being accepted into the college
    I decided to carry on having the lessons weekly. Now it really is a highlight of my week. I cannot explain how much more confident I have become with my voice, and in such a short period of time I
    have learnt so much. I Could not be happier with my singing lessons, recommend 100%. Definitely the place to go if you are looking for a fun, valuable and totally enjoyable experience!

  • Simon guddin (Thursday, July 17 14 08:34 pm BST)

    My son has recently took his grade 6 exam and he is loving grade 7, His teacher makes him feel welcome.

  • Adam hone (Thursday, July 17 14 08:15 pm BST)

    Would recommend for anyone who wants to learn an instrument

  • Jamie skinner (Thursday, July 17 14 08:03 pm BST)

    Pro music has helped me get to grade 6 and the tutors never fail to try their hardest to get you to where you want to be.

  • Sajad Hussain (Thursday, July 17 14 07:56 pm BST)

    Great place to learn to play drums! Would easily say the best in Birmingham!

  • Jenny Savett (Tuesday, July 15 14 05:26 pm BST)

    I have been coming here for 3 years and have developed my keyboard skills greatly due to the great tutors!

  • J Westwood (Sunday, July 13 14 08:36 pm BST)

    My daughter moved to pro music a few months ago to continue drum and guitar lessons. In that short time she has come on in leaps and bounds and her confidence is growing with each piece she learns.
    Tom is an absolute star and my daughter gets on really well with him. I would recommend to anyone wanting to learn from scratch or improve their playing.

  • Sam kings (Friday, July 11 14 05:00 pm BST)

    My guitar lessons at pro music in Rowley Regis have been a blast! Tom is an amazing teacher and I'm just about to take my grade 7 in the forthcoming week! Highly recommend!!!!

  • Samantha brough (Friday, July 11 14 04:52 pm BST)

    I have been having singing lessons at pro music in oldbury for 6 months now. My vocal range has got outstandingly wider and I can safely say I am glad I found this place!

  • John Harrison (Friday, July 11 14 04:47 pm BST)

    My son, Jake has been having drum lessons for 2 years now with pro music in Halesowen and he is now off to Halesowen college to study music performance and I am very proud of him! I highly recommend
    pro music for anyone who wants to learn an instrument!

  • Michael Roth (Monday, July 07 14 07:17 pm BST)

    Thanks Pro Music for putting up with my two sons lol... Tom and Alex both need a medal. After 4 different teachers around Halesowen I finally found a place who could help my sons achieve grade 5 for
    college. Always remember what you've done for them. Cheers

  • Nathan Sweet (Monday, July 07 14 07:14 pm BST)

    I was attending piano lessons in Halesowen Pro Music before I left for university. The level of tuition is outstanding. I really miss my lessons but will be back . Thanks guys

  • Tim North (Saturday, July 05 14 10:24 pm BST)

    I have been taking guitar lessons in halesowen Pro Music for over 3 years now, I have nearly completed all of my grades and i am very happy with the level of tuition i get. Thanks Pro Music

  • stuart saunders (Thursday, May 29 14 10:54 pm BST)

    My son has been having drumming lessons for a few months now and is doing brilliant and enjoying every minute of it, all thanks to the brilliant tutors and friendly,welcoming atmosphere.... I would
    recommend pro-music to anyone who wants to learn any kind of music...

  • Alex Kelly (Sunday, May 25 14 01:09 pm BST)

    I've been coming to pro music for 7 years, my lessons are very enjoyable because of the amount I learn on guitar and the jokes we have in lesson. I travel from Halesowen and wouldn't go anywhere else

  • Eve (Monday, May 12 14 05:06 pm BST)

    Pro music is great, my teacher, tom, makes learning the piano fun as well as teaching lots of things to help me achieve my grades.

  • Pete Ball (Friday, October 18 13 10:12 pm BST)

    Just had my guitar setup for the first time in years. Great job, really friendly staff - now im taking guitar lessons there too !!


  • Michael (Friday, July 19 13 03:01 pm BST)

    Great tuition!Enjoyable and fun sessions and really helped me learn my instrument. I would recomend Pro Music to anyone!

  • Dawn (Saturday, July 13 13 12:12 pm BST)

    My daughter has been attending lessons for 2 years. She loves playing the piano and enjoys her lessons. She gets better every time. I would recommend pro music. They encourage her every step of the

  • Jas (Sunday, June 30 13 09:35 pm BST)

    Tom a huge thank you for all the time effort you put into all 3 of our girls you great super fantastic teacher girls have got far with all your help support and great teaching many many lots lots
    more good great years to come with our three girls Jas

  • John Thompson (Sunday, June 30 13 09:20 pm BST)

    I have been having piano/keyboard lessons with Ron for nearly four months and would advise anyone to learn at Pro music. It is a really comfortable setting that puts you at ease and makes learning
    enjoyable. Ron encourages me to learn the music I most enjoy which. Very happy with my progress so far

  • Ben Carradine (Thursday, April 04 13 11:19 pm BST)

    I had been self-learning to play guitar on and off for 2 years, however I seemed to lack motivation and direction with learning. Since joining Promusic a year ago, I have not only had direction in
    learning and motivation in playing from taking lessons, but my playing skills have improved greatly. I feel I am twice the guitarist I was a year ago and many people I know who have seen/heard me
    play have noticed a big improvement. Lessons are great, follow a good learning syllabus and are taught by teachers who are friendly, very helpful and full of good advice. It’s even given my
    aspirations to teach others myself one day! I have recommended a few friends to Promusic in the past and still recommend it to others now.

  • Sarah McIntosh (Sunday, September 30 12 10:30 am BST)

    My 13 year old daughter thoroughly enjoys guitar lessons with Tom at Pro Music. Tom tailors the lessons to her musical taste, making learning fun and encouraging her by incorporating Ukulele playing
    into her lessons. I would recommend Pro Music to anyone considering music lessons for either themselves or their child. My youngest daughter can't wait to start lessons!

  • mark bailey (Sunday, July 15 12 08:08 pm BST)

    started lessons with tom over 5 years ago on clasical guitar.very freindly and informal ,hoping to do my grade 5 this year,with toms teaching(highly recomended)

  • David Payne (Friday, July 13 12 03:15 pm BST)

    I have been having Guitar Lessons with Tom Franklin for about 3 years. I find him to be a friendly and experienced teacher with extensive musical knowledge. The atmosphere at Pro Music is always very
    relaxed and welcoming.
    I am about to take my Grade 7 Rockschool Guitar Exam in December 2012 and it is reassuring to know that this year it can be held in familiar surroundings at Pro Music, making the occasion less
    Excellent Teacher / Excellent Venue!

  • Jo Harvey (Monday, July 02 12 08:47 pm BST)

    Both sons have lessons at Pro Music-one plays Bass, the other Drums. They like the
    relaxed learning environment and the teaching is very much catered to the individual. Tom quickly builds a good rapport with his students to obtain the best from them in terms of performance &
    knowledge and he is a great inspirational role model for young people. I have recommended Pro Music to others & will do so in the future.

  • Chris Mitchell (Sunday, June 24 12 11:18 am BST)

    I just wanted to share a few words regarding anybody considering taking up guitar lessons at Pro Music.
    I have been enjoying acoustic and classical guitar lessons with Tom Franklin for over twelve months. I started with no confidence and very little ability. I am now playing pieces of music I never
    believed I could play,Tom makes lesons relaxing and fun. Tom at Pro Music, will help you explore the style that best suits you and your interest.
    Thanks Tom , I need to now go and practice those rest strokes. (I think I have mastered them) haha

  • Craig Hodgetts (Sunday, June 17 12 09:16 pm BST)

    The ease at which Tom is able to teach students is something special. I've been taking my 11 year old son Lewis to guitar lessons for 4 months now and his advancement is very impressive and this is
    mainly down to Tom's method of teaching. Lewis always enjoys the lessons and Tom is able to get the best out of him. I would highly recommend anyone wanting to learn how to play a musical instrument
    in a pleasant environment with a knowledgeable tutor to give Tom a go - you won't regret it.

  • Judith Smith (Friday, June 15 12 03:26 pm BST)

    My son has been having lessons with Tom Franklin at Pro Music for around 3 years. He has made good progress in learning to play the drums and he has enjoyed his lessons.
    Tom has a relaxed and friendly manner when he is teaching, which has helped promote a good learning environment and a happy student:teacher relationship.

  • Ben Standley (Tuesday, June 12 12 10:06 pm BST)

    I was with Tom Franklin for a long time since when i first started playing the guitar and over the years i learned a lot and has really helped me in learning and gaining the skills i have today. He's
    a friendly great guy! the equipment is great and so are the lessons

  • Harry (Tuesday, June 12 12 10:03 pm BST)

    Pro Music offers fantastic service with friendly staff. Would reccommend to anyone looking to pick up an instrument or hone their skills.

  • Rob (Sunday, June 10 12 11:28 pm BST)

    The staff are incredibly friendly and helpful at Pro Music, and the quality of lessons and equipment are both very high standard

  • Mark Willow (Sunday, June 10 12 11:04 pm BST)

    I find Pro Music to be helpful and a great place to learn. Mark Willow

  • Tom Foster (Saturday, June 09 12 08:52 pm BST)

    Tom Foster.
    Hi,i have been having Banjo lessons with Pro Music, and have found Tom Franklin to be an extremely good teacher, he is very patient,informative, and friendly, which puts the pupil at ease straight
    away,when i first went there i could hardly tune the instrument, and am now learning the "split " stroke and " Treble ", ( Formby style ) in just a matter of weeks,. well done Tom, and thank you
    !from one of your ..less able,.students.

  • David Phillips (Saturday, June 09 12 07:28 pm BST)

    I have been having lessons with Tom Franklin for a few years, and he has helped me progress through to Grade 7 Guitar. The tuition that he provides is excellent and has made my learning fun and
    enjoyable. Pro Music Tuition provides top quality facilities with a friendly environment.
    I would recommend Pro Music to anyone to who would like to begin or continue their learning of their chosen instrument.

  • Ranjiv Ram (Saturday, June 09 12 06:10 pm BST)

    I have been taking regular lessons for over a year now; moreover I have come to believe Tom Franklin is a highly skilled and knowledgeable tutor. Who can deliver these proficiencies to students of
    all ages and backgrounds perfectly in a professional, informative and friendly manner.

    I would highly recommend Promusic to anyone who requires lessons of the highest quality.

  • Malcolm George (Friday, June 08 12 09:33 pm BST)

    I've been taking guitar lessons with Tom for only a few months now, and already got through grade 5+6, friendly and excellent tuition. I would recommend them to ANYONE

  • Richard Ball (Saturday, June 02 12 11:21 pm BST)

    My 11 year old has keyboard lessons and my 13 year old guitar lessons. I would recommend Promusic to anyone. With their friendly and professional staff every one is made to feel welcome and treated
    as an individual. All levels of skill are catered from beginner to more advanced. My boys love it there.

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