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Vocal Tuition in the West Midlands

Vocal tuition initially focuses on developing a connected sound across the entire vocal range, avoiding any unwanted breaks, weak or breathy notes, particularly when transitioning into the upper vocal register.

Development of smooth and efficient coordination of the vocal folds plays a vital role in the expansion of the vocal range. Repetition of bespoke vocal exercises based on individual needs will ultimately support the singer in their development of both artistry and style.

With singing, in order to gain pace, the desire and willingness must be there from the outset. The mechanics of singing - good posture, breathing control, tone and expression – can generally be taught. A musical ear is also required if you are to sing in the right pitch. This can be taught or developed, but the process can be a lengthy one. The other vital component is a desire for self-expression and communicating a story through music.

If you’ve decided you’d like to take up singing then you please contact us. Practice, and the help of an inspiring singing teacher, are vital for progression.

Learn To Sing - Whatever Your Skill Set

Pro Music Tuition offers vocal lessons and tuition. Our lessons are designed to build and boost confidence whilst working on the personal development of each student as an up and coming vocalist. Our lessons are suitable from young learners right the way through to adults.

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