We charge less, so you can learn more…

In today’s market of music, money plays an important part in what children should take up and learn in terms of which instrument.  The Instrument shouldn’t really play a part in the finances however sadly it does. Pro Music travels to 100s of children in schools per week and gives tuition to over 1000  at our branch in Cradley per week. A lot of new customers are shocked when we tell them its £13 for half an hour. Most pupils have come from Birmingham, Wednesbury, Kidderminster, Halesowen and Kingswinford and are used to paying the average of £16-£22 per half hour.

I’ll ethos as a company is simply, encourage more children and adults in the West Midlands to take up an instrument without breaking the bank. We have lots of families who are in different situations who have a budget to stick to for many reasons. 

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