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Learn to Play the Drums Cradley Heath, Halesowen

Pro Music offer drums lessons to a variety of individuals from the age of 5 years old up to adults near Halesowen.

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Drum Tuition Whatever Your Skill Set

Pro Music Tuition offer drum lessons to a range of different age groups and abilities. We offer our drum lessons to children of the age of 5 and above as we believe this is the age of which children are able to concentrate for the whole lesson without becoming distracted. Our drum lessons take place weekly where you will learn new skills and improve on your drum techniques.

We offer our drum tuition in both single and group lessons. We advise one-to-one lessons if you want to focus on learning the drum and working towards your grades. On the contrary, single lessons are ideal for those who may have special educational needs and therefore need full attention from their drum tutor.

Group tuition is a great way to fast track in your learning and builds self-confidence. Our group lessons back place on both weekdays and weekends. We only have 4 drum kits per room. This makes it easier for tutors to teach pupils even in groups. However due to teaching younger children, we always have smaller drum kits.

Our lessons are designed around what our pupils enjoy playing. Whilst this is important, we also teach all pupils to read basic drum notation and exercises. This helps to improve drum techniques.

All of our drum lessons take place from 2pm every weekday and finishes at 10pm and are available at all times throughout the weekend.

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