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Learn to play the piano with our expert piano tutors. Live video online piano lessons in the comfort of your own home.


Live Online Piano Lessons

Pro Music Tuition is pleased to offer online piano lessons to our students in the UK and all around the world. We provide 1st class tuition to all ages and can accommodate over Skype, Zoom, WhatsApp or Facebook to suit you.

Online piano tuition is a recognised method of teaching which is both effective and convenient for many students. In recent years, online piano lessons have become more popular as a way for pupils to continue to learn during times where they are unable to visit one of our music schools. Taking online music lessons means no travelling time with instruments and there are more options for scheduling so is often more convenient for all the family.

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 Online Piano Lessons for Children
Adult Online Piano Music Lessons

Live Piano Tuition Online with Expert Tutors

Pro Music offers live online music tuition to all pupils (new and existing) learning to play the following instruments;  drums, piano, guitar, violin, saxophone and also vocal coaching.

We offer this service to students of all ages and abilities throughout the UK and have hundreds learning with us online every week from all around the world.

Nothing should come in between students receiving high-quality music lessons, and we have ensured our virtual setup allows our pupils to progress as if they were continuing with face-to-face lessons.


Online Piano Lesson FAQs

Are Online piano lessons as good as face-to-face piano lessons?

The effectiveness of online piano lessons versus face-to-face lessons depends on various factors including the individual’s learning style, the quality of instruction, and the resources available. Here are some considerations:

Convenience: Online lessons offer greater flexibility in terms of scheduling and location. You can take lessons from the comfort of your home and fit them into your schedule more easily. This convenience can make it easier to stay consistent with practice.

Access to Instructors: With online lessons, you can potentially access a wider pool of instructors from around the world, allowing you to find someone whose teaching style and expertise best suit your needs. 

Technological Tools: Online lessons often utilise various technological tools such as video conferencing, screen sharing, and pre-recorded tutorials. These tools can enhance the learning experience by providing visual aids and demonstrations. 

Self-Discipline: Online learning requires a certain level of self-discipline and motivation since there’s less accountability compared to face-to-face lessons where you have a scheduled appointment with a teacher. Some learners thrive in a self-directed environment, while others may benefit from the structure and accountability provided by face-to-face lessons.

Ultimately, both online and face-to-face piano lessons can be effective depending on the individual’s preferences and circumstances. It’s essential to consider your own learning style, goals, and resources available when deciding which option is best for you. Additionally, trying out both formats and evaluating which one suits you better can be beneficial in making an informed decision.

What will I need for online piano lessons?

You will need a computer, or fully charged laptop, tablet, or smartphone, Zoom, Messenger, or Whatsapp for our live Online lessons. Laptops work best with most instruments as you can angle the camera towards your hands. Dependable Wi-Fi connection, to provide a strong enough signal for lessons, so the lesson isn’t hindered by freezing. If your internet is slow, you could improve your low signal or internet connection by using an Ethernet adaptor that plugs straight into your USB port on your computer and into your modem for a direct connection for the best possible speed.

Do online piano lessons work well for young children?

Students from age 5-7 may require a parent to be present to keep them focused and to assist with teaching materials. We’ve found our Online piano tuition works well with all new and existing students of all ages and abilities throughout the UK, we have hundreds learning with us online every week from all around the world. Nothing should come between students receiving high-quality music lessons, and we have ensured our virtual setup allows our pupils to progress as if they were continuing with face-to-face piano lessons.

How is my child protected over the Internet?

We understand that looking for local music teachers can sometimes be a challenge but with Pro Music Limited peace of mind is assured! All of our tutors are DBS checked and the majority hold a degree in music, and some also hold a QTS in education. Our expert tutors undertake frequent training, therefore fully aware of the importance of internet safety.

Can tutors observe as much from a Live screen image as they would in face-to-face piano lessons?

Our tutors are qualified to examine closely at performance and have experience and understanding in identifying and encouraging students to improve poor techniques. Once a camera angle is set up correctly through the laptop, iPad etc. they can achieve an excellent view of their playing throughout each lesson that works well. Along with the view from the camera angle, we have a couple of tips for setting up your audio for ideal sound transmission through Zoom (on computers and laptops only) so tutors can also examine closely the performance during the Online lesson through sound.

  • after your Zoom meeting has begun, in the lower left-hand corner next to “Join Audio,” click on the “^” symbol. Click on audio settings you are now able to test both your speaker and microphone. Under the drop-down boxes, select both the speaker and microphone that you will be using.
  •  Under the microphone area, uncheck the “Automatically adjust the microphone volume.”
  • Suppress background noise – select low for this option, this stops the computer from trying to suppress the sounds of the instrument.
  • Music and Professional Audio – Select “Show in-meeting option to ‘Enable Original Sound’ from microphone.” 
  • Only select “Echo cancellation” for a basic set-up for music with earbuds or using the computer microphone and speaker.
  •  “High fidelity music mode” should only be used if you have a direct ethernet connection. 
  • “Stereo audio” should only be used if you are using a different audio interface.
  • Enable Original Sound – When the meeting has started, on the upper left-hand side of the screen you will want to click on “enable original sound,” and then all of your sound settings will be ready for your Live Online piano lesson.

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What style of piano music do you teach?

We teach a wide range of styles to suit children and adults. Many children attend Pro Music who just wish to learn how to read music and start grading systems like ABRSM, RSL and TRINITY.

We also have pupils who wish to participate in leisure play where they bring in a setlist of songs to learn. We have many piano teachers here who are trained in different styles so whatever style you’re looking for Pro Music can help.

How long is each piano lesson and how often should they be?

At Pro Music, we offer flexible piano lessons that can be tailored to your preferences. Our lessons are available in 30, 60, and 90-minute durations, allowing you to choose the option that suits you best. Whether you prefer face-to-face lessons or online piano lessons over Zoom, we can accommodate your needs. Normally, lessons are booked at least once a week to ensure consistent progress, but we are open to discussing alternative scheduling options. We do request a 24-hour notice if you need to reschedule a lesson.

Join us at Pro Music and embark on an exciting journey of learning to play the piano online!

Do you teach complete beginners online piano lessons?

Pro Music provides a comprehensive and enjoyable learning experience that will help you learn the essentials of piano playing. Pro Music has around 95% new beginners each year. We will advise you on syllabuses, what to do and how to practise effectively, as well as support you when you are stuck at home and need advice.

We offer online piano teaching via Skype, Zoom, WhatsApp, or Facebook. We are experienced in remote teaching, so we still deliver top-classic tuition to students in their own homes.
Not only will online learning eliminate travel time and the need to pack and transfer your instruments, but it also provides a larger range of scheduling options, allowing us to find a time that works for everyone.

For professional online piano lessons choose Pro Music Tuition 

Online Music Lesson Testimonials

“We are amazed at how our son is learning to play the piano through online training. We are based in London nowhere near this company and Charlie is being taught through Zoom. It’s fab just like having the piano teacher here. Our teacher is so good at online training and Charlie is loving it. They even send you music sheets via email to print. Thank you Pro Music for being able to teach online. Every parent out there should hook up with you guys and get online tuition” Samantha Meylbe

“My Daughter absolutely loves her music lessons with Tom. Every week she looks forward to going to her class and then sharing what she has learned with us. Tom has worked really hard to make the virtual learning just as good as the face-to-face sessions. Pro Music is a fantastic music school that I highly recommend.” Marie Salt

“After enquiring about drum and piano lessons for my son, Tom and Josh gave him some time to have a go in both areas and patiently showed him a few things to help him feel comfortable. Tom has also gone above and beyond to help my son learn piano at home. I would recommend Pro Music Tuition Ltd to anyone whose children want to learn to play an instrument” Laura Hollis

“My two sons have been attending Pro Music for a few months now, they both have additional needs, the school is amazing, the tutors are amazing, they have so much patience when teaching them, and they make the lesson fun! The boys love attending. My younger son Harry has drum lessons with Dhana who is so calm and patient, even when Harry forgets to count, Dhana also carried on the lessons with Harry over Zoom during the lockdown, I would highly recommend Dhana to anyone who wishes to learn the drums. Harry has progressed so much.
My older son Harvey has guitar lessons with Aiden and is also doing well, Aiden is a star, and so patient, Harvey can be a bit of a challenge at times, as he can get distracted very easily. But Aiden keeps him on track …For anyone wishing to learn an instrument, then Pro music is the place to be ….🤘🤘” Angie Walgate

“Elliot is a fantastic teacher and my son Grayson looks forward to his Zoom lessons every week. He is very patient with my son and gives him lots of praise all the time!
Thank you Elliot 🎸” Tara Lou Albone

“My son has only recently started piano lessons with Chloe Terris at Pro Music in Rubery and he is already making impressing progress. Chloe’s teaching is great, she is very clear in explaining and the lessons are very engaging. My son loves every minute of the lesson and I am also learning a great deal by just watching him learn. If you are looking for piano or violin lesson for your kid or for yourself, don’t look any further. ” Serana Bacuzzi