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Steel Pan Tuition Lessons in the West Midlands

Pro Music offer steel pan lessons to a variety of individuals from the age of 5 years old up to adults

Learning steel pans is a great introduction for new musicians and those who wish to play with an ensemble. We have 6 groups at Pro Music Tuition who meet and practice learning the steel pans on a weekly basis.

Group Tuition (Steel Pans)
Steel Pan Tuition

Learn The Steel Pans Whatever Your Skill Set

We offer a wide range of songs to choose from, from novice melodies to more difficult items. As you become more skilled, the difficulty in the song you are learning to play will progress to be more challenging. In addition to this, here at Pro Music Tuition we hold an exhibition 3 times a year in which performers are invited to showcase what they have learnt, whilst learning to play the steel pans.

If you decide to try one of our steel pan lessons then please get in touch with a member of our team who will be able to book this for you. Your first lesson will be free and if preferred, can be taught as an individual lesson, to begin with. Our lessons last for 30 minutes and can be taken as either a private or group tuition.

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