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Are you looking for professional Clarinet lessons in the West Midlands?  Pro Music Tuition has some excellent Clarinet teachers who can help you achieve your aspirations at one of our four music centres in Birmingham, Sutton Coldfield, Solihull and the Black Country or via one of our online live music lessons.

The clarinet is a popular instrument for beginner musicians to learn and has endured as a mainstay of classrooms for decades. The clarinet’s popularity in school bands and orchestras means there are ample opportunities for children to play the clarinet live and learning the instrument from a young age can be a rich and rewarding experience. At Pro Music Tuition our excellent woodwind department can teach clarinet from beginner to expert, with a lesson plan individually tailored to suit every student.

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Kids Clarinet Lessons in the West Midlands

Clarinet classes are given for children aged 8 and up, with many adults also learning. Using the Pro Music Tuition iPads, we focus on performing recognisable songs, mastering scales, and the fundamentals of music theory for beginners. With this type of well-rounded education, students acquire proper procedures from the start and can later work toward taking exams if they choose. Individual lessons are available in 30-minute or 60-minute increments.

Whatever age and whether learning through group or individual clarinet tuition we offer to train pupils for exams. Working towards a goal like this can help teach children to focus and the sense of achievement when passing grades is always a thrill. We work with several different syllabuses, including ABRSMTrinity and Rockschool. If you have previously learned pieces for an exam elsewhere we can provide the exam for you (excluding ABRSM).

Clarinet Lessons in the West Midlands


Unveil the Splendor of Adult Clarinet Lessons in the West Midlands with Pro Music Tuition. With tuition tailored for adult learners, our clarinet instruction opens up a world of musical exploration. Age knows no bounds when it comes to embarking on the journey of mastering the clarinet. Research proves the importance of acquiring new skills as adults to keep our minds agile and sharp. Learning the clarinet not only fosters cognitive agility but also acts as a bulwark against age-related cognitive decline.

Group clarinet lessons encourage students to play together, increasing confidence and fast-tracking learning. Lasting for 60 minutes pupils receive the same excellent standard of teaching as in individual lessons, playing familiar songs across many different styles. Three times a year we also stage showcases in which pupils have the opportunity to play live and show off what they have learned.

Adult Online tuition in the West Midlands


We also offer online lessons for clarinet, with video tutoring over Skype, Zoom, WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger. If getting to the practice studios isn’t an option then we deliver the same first-class standard of tuition online. With more flexible lesson times and no need to travel, online teaching is fast becoming a popular option with students of all ages.

Not only does learning online eliminate travel time and the need to pack and move your instruments it also allows for a wider range of scheduling options so we can find a time that works for you. If you are looking to book clarinet lessons for you or your child why not get in touch with us today or use our handy online booking system to book your first free lesson!

Clarinet Lessons in the West Midlands

Clarinet Lesson FAQS

What is a good age to start Clarinet?

To play the clarinet, the student must have fully developed front teeth as well as reasonably developed lip and jaw muscles. As a result, the instrument is not appropriate for preschoolers. The recommended age for a child to start playing the clarinet is 9 to 10 years old.

Do you teach adults to play Clarinet?

Yes, at Pro Music we teach children and adults, a lot of adults like to start learning with their children as it is an activity they can enjoy together. We also teach hundreds of adults without children who have always had the desire to learn and feel it’s now time to do something they have always wanted. We start adults as novices or can take over from other existing teachers/music schools. We can start gradings or leisure play, Pro Music is very flexible with the times. We have many slots to suit adults who work shiftwork/home or even 9-to-5.

Do you teach complete beginners Clarinet?

Pro Music has around 95% new beginners each year. We don’t expect pupils to come in and know everything, that’s why they’re having lessons. We will advise you on syllabuses, what to practice, and how to practice effectively and also support you when you are stuck and need advice at home.

What do the terms "single reed" and "double reed" mean?

Woodwind instruments come in both single and double-reed varieties, and they all function just as they should! Single reeds, which consist of just one ultra-thin piece of reed attached to the mouthpiece, are used on clarinets and saxophones. Double reeds, which are frequently handmade, are used by the oboe and bassoon. Since they are made from two sections of reed and are then braided together at the bottom, they are more like a tube and are hence double. In contrast to single reeds that are flat on, these reeds are fastened into the instrument.

Why do my clarinet's reeds need to be different strengths?

The reeds are available in various strengths, which actually should read as varied thicknesses. The thinner, lower-numbered reeds are better for beginners. Because they lack the resistance of a thicker reed, it is easier to produce a note. The player will advance in half-measurements as they advance. The higher notes are easier to reach and have a nicer tone when played on a thicker or harder reed. The tutor will give advice regarding the necessary reed strength, however, most novices will begin with a 1.5 strength. Professional players will typically use reeds numbered 4 or above and frequently keep a supply of reeds on hand for various musical styles.

How long will it be before I can play the Clarinet well?

This is always a tough question and depends a lot on practice and how regularly your lessons are booked. For some, learning the Clarinet may take only a few months, while for others it may take years. However, if you consistently practise for thirty minutes every day, five days per week, you may be able to play easy full-length songs within three months.

I already play another instrument will this help?

Yes, it will help. A second instrument is always welcomed here at Pro Music some people even take 2 to 3 instruments per week. We can also discount when pupils want to take another instrument. Please give Pro Music a call we can give you advice on which to pick.

For example, playing the piano then learning steel pans would be an easy transition. Same with electric guitar to bass guitar.

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Is practising Clarinet for 1 hour a day enough?

Amateur Adult: 1-2 hours daily. Many adult amateurs are extremely busy individuals who struggle to find even 15 minutes a day to practise! But in order to advance at a satisfying pace and get the most out of their piano study, an adult amateur student will ideally be able to dedicate at least an hour a day to practising.

Children: Again, there will be a direct correlation between time spent practising and advancement. Children and younger adults have the advantage of being able to learn faster, but we recommend 15 minutes a day of practice, or 30 to 45 if sitting exams.

How long is each lesson, and how often should I have a Clarinet Lesson?

We offer 30/60/90-minute lessons. These can be taken face-to-face or over zoom. Normally lessons are booked once a week to suit the pupil. We do insist on 24-hour notice if you wish to move the lesson.

Am I too old to learn Clarinet?

Learning a new skill as an adult is a great way to keep the mind active and young; studies have shown that it can even prevent cognitive decline as we age. Neuroplasticity allows your brain to create new pathways and neurons at any age. So while it’s true that children and young adults will pick up new skills faster, adults of any age can enjoy the multiple benefits of learning an instrument.

Why should we choose Pro Music for Clarinet lessons?
We have hundreds of reviews and the proud history of the Pro Music name speaks for itself. Pro Music Tuition offers the tuition of a wide range of instruments including Guitar, Piano, Drums, Brass, Trumpet, Vocal Coaching and Singing Lessons and Woodwind and String including Violin. We offer our lessons to children and adults of all ages and abilities. Our music centres are open 7 days for individual and group lessons.
  • Pro Music also has a proven track record of offering inclusive, high quality and professional music tuition.
  • All of our teachers are DBS checked and trained to grade 8 or degree level and many teachers are also trained, as school teachers.
  • Pro Music has an onsite SEN coordinator which does allow our teachers to adapt music lessons for children and adults with special educational needs where it is required.
Do you offer Clarinet Lessons Near Me?

We have pupils visit our Black Country music centres from many locations in and around Cradley Heath including Brierley Hill, Clent, Dudley, Hagley, Halesowen, Kidderminster, Kingswinford, Lye, Oldbury, Netherton,  Quarry Bank, Quinton, Romsley, Rowley Regis, Sandwell, Smethwick, Stourbridge and Tipton, Tividale and Wall Heath

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