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Piano Lessons in the West Midlands

Pro Music offer piano lessons to a variety of individuals from children up to adults.

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Group Piano Tuition

Piano Tuition For All Abilities

At Pro Music Tuition, a piano is the most popular instrument to learn to play. We offer our piano lessons to all ages and abilities including both children and adults. We start children off at the age of 5 as we believe that this is the age where they will be able to concentrate and participate thoroughly. Our pupils can either take their lessons in a group or on their own. Overall we teach 400 pupils to play the piano per work.

Our single lessons are ideal for individuals who may have special educational needs and therefore need full attention from the piano tutor. On the contrary, they can work well for those who want to focus on their piano lessons and work towards grades.

Group tuition is a great way of fast-track learning in order to read music along with building self-confidence within the pupil with a mixture of our theory games. Our piano lessons which take place as a group are available on weekdays after school or work and also on weekends. We offer group sessions for £11 an hour and have between 3 – 5 pupils attend every hour.

For both single and group tuition, we offer exams. The songs we provide exams for include Trinity, ABRSM and Rockschool. However, if you are already currently learning any of these songs and require an exam, Pro Music can provide these for you. If you are learning ABRSM, visit their website which will provide you with the closest exam centre near to you.

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