Why Do Music Lessons Suffer at School?

The most common phone conversation we have with parents is ‘we have stopped our child’s music lessons due to…’ Sometimes the reasons are straight forward and on other occasions, it’ll take a bit of sussing out to understand what exactly has happened.

Guitar Tuition

5 big issues with school tuition:

1. You always pay more.
2. Pupils miss core lessons like maths, science and English to attend music lessons.
3. Facilities aren’t always great and lack money to repair instruments when they do break to cuts.
4. Hard to make up lessons if pupils are ill and most of the time it doesn’t get rescheduled.
5. Exam session means you can’t make to much noise depending on where you’re in the building and often children miss several lessons due to SATS/GCSE’S and various assessments taking place.

We have taught many pupils who have come out of the school tuition system to join ours. Our reviews speak for themselves and the 5 points listed above don’t come into conversations with parents as we have extremely high standards when it comes to music lessons.

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