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Obviously, if it is a 5yr old pupil then parents will need to encourage the practice and make sure piano keys are clearly labeled before the lesson. Piano lessons over zoom can be very flakey if the structure is too loose.

ZOOM or face to face ?

The next question parents commonly ask is ‘ Can my child still sit exams?’.
The easy answer is ‘YES’ if you want to look at some sort of positive from this 2020 its that more exam boards have switched to online exam sessions along with face to face too. This means you have a greater choice of tutors from across the United Kingdom.

Most exam boards have also added a fourth piece that covers the scales/sight reading/musical knowledge. Some children do prefer this but some parents prefer the normal way of conducting exams with the scales added. Exam boards have had to change the assessment brief in conjunction with the change.

Whatever route your pick for your child one thing is certain….

Other instruments taught over Zoom.

without a practice routine then none of the above is achieved. Playing the piano either face to face or over zoom is a demanding instrument and to even pass grade 1 takes practice and a strong attendance to lessons.

Blog by Matthew Morgan. ( Piano Zoom Tutor )
Pro Music Tuition Limited 2020

Zoom or not to Zoom?