Dropped by a third ? Never….

Most of us know the history of the instrument.. ( very short history in one quick sentence )

17th century as a lute and then grew slowly into the 19th century until Europe put it in the forefront. (Google it, i really have missed out a large bulk).

Most of us when naming a guitarist would go straight to the one making the most noise and or the artist who looked super cool holding one. Either way, depending on our music education or if we grew up around it, we might have a different answer to the above. Lets pick out some really obviously points….

Small factors to consider ..

  • Ex GCSE Music Pupils would done a-lot more performing than someone taking a BTEC course in School (14-16yrs). Please take point that most schools across UK have thrown out GCSE music – This started to happen around 2007. BTEC is mainly written work and focus’s on performance work for a small % of the course. Which means .. pupils can redo the coursework so the target grade gets reach!!
  • How many great guitarists could you name in the 1990’s? (if you were alive then) and how many could you name today ?
  • How much composition did you do in school growing up ?
  • How many guitar heroes are left?

I know the first point will be pretty obviously to even none musicians…as part of most GSCE Music Specs pupils would be required to perform a piece of solo work/group work and then compose a piece based around solo/band recording. This would require them to take lead and LISTEN to solo instruments.

The second point is a little tricky to explain and requires a-lot of research but think about great bands ? Do you always know the great guitarist that is involved with the act? Point i’m trying to make is, GUITAR SUPERHEROES are now hidden and aren’t necessary exposed like they were in 1970s/80s/90s and early 2000’s. The generation is now thinking more along the lines of the composition of the band/songs/live performance

For example, I generally think ‘The Foo-Fighters’ are an amazing band but i would think of the band as ‘great composers’ more than shredding guitar kings or great performers.

Last Question which i can’t answer …

How many guitar heroes are left?

Matt Morgan- Session musician.